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The cute and beloved Babo is the hero NFT of the game. Each Babo is so different and generally tradeable. Make an acquisition of 3 Babos to enter SGEM City or to participate the explorations, adventures, or competitive battles to obtain benefits!

Breeding and Raising

Battling and Earning

Joining Competitions


The Genesis Babos are the first Babos show up in the world of SGEM City. The number of them is limited and they are only released randomly by the develop team. Each Genesis Babo has an exclusive Genesis label, the owner of a Genesis Babo will enjoy all kinds of privileges in the game as well as the community.

babos type mage


Racial Characteristics: One-on-one physical attack capability in a melee, with balanced defense and steady attack pace. Warrior has excellent survivability, always attack with stronger physical damage with skill [Air Raid]. Try to win the battle with the blessing of shields and blood-sucking.

babos type mage


Racial Characteristics: Long distance objective spelling or group attack is available. Attacks with slow pace but high power. Mage Babos rely on the combination of spell skills to attack visible buildings regardless of distance. They damage objectives through the blessing of mage skills, hence suffer less damage from building rebounds and more rely on the mana in a battle.

babos type mage


Racial Characteristics: Single or group physical attack, with strong damage and high pace. If the shooter Babo has acquired the active skill [Shooting Time], it could attack one or multiple objectives without considering distance. In a battle, shooter Babo can blast away large buildings instantly with its powerful explosive force. Shooter Babo needs to pay close attention to its own condition to avoid being killed by building rebound damage.

More Races To Be Discovered

babos more

Babo's skills are divided into active skills and passive skills. Each Babo has a different skill set, allowing them to adjust the skill deck to reach the best fighting styles.

The more the skills are matched with its own race, the more a Babo can fulfill its racial advantages. For example, a physical race Babo should carry skills that would strengthen the damage of physical attack, while the wizard Babo should choose skills to increase the spell damage.

A new Babo could be bred by a pair of Babos. Through the genetic inheritance rules of the game, you are able to breed the unique Babo. The parents'races play a key role of the next generation Babo's race, and the genes carried by both side of the parents will affect both appearance and skills of the next generation Babo.

A Babo's level up brings the growth of a Babo's basic attributes such as health, combat power and mana. The higher the Babo level, the more token you will be rewarded in the match, so please never forget to upgrade your Babo!



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