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In the world of SGEM City, each player owns his exclusive home base. Buildings are the fundamental components of the home base. The usage and deployment of different buildings brings different defensive effects to your home base!

The fundamental defensive unit of a home base, with amount of HP and counterattack ability, which can effectively block the attack.
Base Camp

The core building of a home base, determines the scale of the home base and the number of unlockable buildings, etc. Recommended an upgrade priority.

Other basic buildings

important components of the home base, with certain defensive capabilities. Also the important condition for upgrading the Base Camp. Need to be unlocked and upgraded first by beginner players.

Automatically attacks the defensive unit of enemies in a certain pace, plays an important role in reducing the attack from enemies. Divided into two types: physical and spell attack towers, which will cause two types of damage to the enemies, as well as effectively target the attacks from different races of Babos.
Archer Tower

Automatically deal physical attack damage to the attacker every certain round

Spell Tower

Automatically deals spell attack damage to the attacker every certain round

The linkage effect is to cooperate with other buildings to give buffs in order to greatly improve the defense capacity.

When the Life Crystal is being attacked, the Health Point of all visible buildings will increase;

A Battle Workshop will greatly increase the attack power of all visible buildings while it is being attacked.

Each special type of building has its own unique skills to help you deal with different kinds of attacks effectively. (Applies to advanced formations, and can only be unlocked after the Base Camp has been upgraded to level 19)

When the Moon Guard is attacked by spell, it can cause the same amount of magic damage to the attack, which can effectively defend against the attack from the magic Babo;

While the Altar can reduce the damage by half when receiving physical damage, shows great benefit while facing the physical Babos’ attacks.

Be used to attack opponents without being noticed, constantly troubling the attacker's marching. (Applies to advanced formations, and can only be unlocked after the Base Camp has been upgraded to level 19)
Sink Trap

A Sink Trap can be placed on the only path of the attackers, interfering with the normal march of the attackers;

Spike Trap

Once a Spike Trap is turned over, it will continuously damage the enemies whoever uncovers a grid until the enemy is worn out.

Upgrade the Base Camp to unlock new buildings, as well as to expand the scale of home base and deploy a larger number of buildings.


Open the interface of the game, find [Building] at the bottom of the page, click and enter the building page


Click the building you want to upgrade and click [Upgrade]

Tips: if you want to fasten the upgrading process, you can also click [Speed Up] button, [Speed Up] tool can be found in the beginner’s gift package or obtained by daily Check-in.

Building upgrade process consumes certain amount of material such as wood, rock and steel. You can find those material from by the followings:
  • Home of
  • Proving
  • Daily
Surrounding Base

The choices of buildings for players under 15 level are so narrow that the best way to battle is: deploying all the buildings around Base Camp, fight for your victory before all is worn out.

Full Surrounding

Deploy buildings along the edges of the map to restrict the player's march, adding difficulties to the opponents to figure out the position of your Base Camp! Meanwhile, put two attacking towers at the corner and protect them with traps. Consume all energy of the opponents before they reach your Base Camp.