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Cards represent the critical attacking skills of a Babo in battlefield. The combination of different cards brings unpredictable effects and colorful battle strategies!

  • Starter Bonus

    Enter the game and get 33 beginner cards as a beginner’s gift!

  • PVE Rewards

    Challenge the Single Mode battle to win the card rewards chests!

  • PVP Rewards

    Participate in the daily 1v1 Versus Mode to win a gift box of cards!

  • Events

    Participating in events or activities to win the opportunity for fabulous card package rewards or the latest cards!

Cards are sorted into 2 types : the general ones and the special ones. General cards are for Babos of all races, while special cards can only be used by Babos of a specific races.

General cards
Special cards

Cards qualities are placed in rank order from1-5, represented by 5 colors: white, green, blue, purple, and gold. The better quality a card carries, the stronger its attributes is.

To integrate cards of the same type is an ideal way to level up your skill cards. The higher level a skill card is, the more powerful attribute and effect it contains.

Warrior Mage Shooter

1.Use [Air Raid] to uncover map grids and strengthen attack power by certain amount at the same time

2.Blast buildings with normal attacks

1.Release [Air Raid] to uncover the grids

2.Use [Shield Strengthen] to gain a certain amount of shield protection

3.Use [Shield Strike] to consume the shield value and damage buildings. Uncover large space of grids and enhance attack power at the same time because of the buff from [Air Raid]

4.With the strengthened attack power, use basic attack to destroy remaining buildings

1.Use [Metamorphosis] to strengthen spell attack

2.When facing single building, choose [lightning] to strike a full-power attack; while there are multiple buildings, choose [Scattered Zoo] to attack in groups

Tips: When the Health Point is low, use [Bloodthirsty] while attacking, to restore Babo's Health value when dealing damage to the enemy

When facing single building, use [Sacrifice] to strengthen physical attack, cooperating with common attacks to destroy the building

When facing multiple defensive structures

1.Use [Sputtering Attack] to add a group attack effect to the attack [Eagle Eye]to enhance the accuracy of the attack

3.Finally, use [Sacrifice] to enhance attack power and destroy multiple defensive buildings at the same time