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How to join the pre-sale of SGEM Genesis Babo NFT?

Post Date:2021-11-05 21:24

Genesis Babo NFT pre-sale activities will be officially opened on November 9th. The following is a process description for participating in Genesis Babo NFT pre-sale:

How to join the pre-sale of Genesis Babo NFT

1. Get the game invitation code.
Invitation codes delivering activity is in full swing, and the specific acquisition method can be learned in detail by joining the Discord community of SGEM.
Discord community:
2. Register the game account and log in
Fill in the account information and set the password according to the prompt, and fill in the invitation code and email verification code to complete the registration.

(game login interface-registration)
3. Deposit ETH into the game wallet and transfer it to wETH
① After logging in the account, you will automatically enter the pre-sale interface, and click the "+"button on the wETH icon in the upper right corner to enter the deposit interface.

(Pre-sale interface-wETH "+"button)

② Select the deposit option, and complete the transfer payment by directly scanning the code or copying the game wallet address to the external wallet. After transferring is successful, return to the pre-sale interface and click the green "Refresh" button in the upper right corner to update the ETH balance of the account.
Note: This wallet only supports ETH transfer, please do not transfer other cryptocurrency.
(deposit interface)

③ After confirming that ETH has been deposited successfully, click the "+"button on the wETH icon again, select transfer, enter the quantity you need to transfer to wETH and click the transfer button below.
Note: There is no need for players to pay Gas fees for the transfer between ETH and wETH.
(transfer interface)

4. Pre-sale snapping
When the pre-sale is opened, click the "Buy it Now" button at the bottom of the pre-sale interface to snap up the Genesis Babo NFT blind box.
(Pre-order interface-"Buy it Now" button)

5. Check the purchased Genesis Babo NFT
After successful purchase, click " Babos" on the upper right to view the details of  Genesis Babo NFT that you have successfully purchased.
(Babo interface)

(Babo interface)

Introduction to the pre-sale activities of Genesis Babo NFT

The pre-sale activity of Genesis Babo NFT is divided into three stages.
First Round: November 9th, UTC from 0: 00: 00-0: 59: 59 / 1: 00: 00-1: 59: 59 / 2: 00: 00-2: 59: 59.
Second Round: November 9th, UTC from 12: 00: 00-12: 59: 59 / 13: 00: 00-13: 59: 59 / 14: 00: 00-14: 59: 59.
First Round: November 10th, UTC 1: 00: 00-1: 59: 59 / 2: 00: 00-2: 59: 59 / 6: 00: 00-6: 59: 59 / 12:00:00 - 12:59:59 / 13:00:00 - 13:59:59.
Second Round: November 11th UTC, 1: 00: 00-1: 59: 59 / 2: 00: 00-2: 59: 59 / 6: 00: 00-6: 59: 59 / 12:00:00 - 12:59:59 / 13:00:00 - 13:59:59。
① Regular sales
From November 12th to November 15th UTC, every day from 0: 00: 00 to 1: 59: 59 / 2: 00: 00 to 3: 59: 59 / 6:00:00 - 7:59:59 / 12:00:00 - 13:59:59.

② Special price spike
11:30:00-11:59:59 every day from November 12th to November 15th UTC.



1. After purchasing Genesis Babo blind box in the pre-sale interface, it will be opened directly and one Genesis Babo NFT with "GENESIS" label will be obtained at random.
2. In the pre-sale activity of Genesis Babo NFT, the remaining blind boxes in the previous period will not be transferred to the next period for sale.
3. As the pre-sale stage move forward, the price of Genesis Babo NFT blind box will gradually increase, so pay attention to seize the opportunity.
I wish you all the best to open the Genesis Babo NFT you want and start the Play to Earn 2.0 journey together!




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