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Fundamental Tutorial 1 – Introduction to PS

Post Date:2022-02-22 14:46

Welcome to SGEM!
There is a tips to using PS! Moreover, there is a way to increase the upper limit of PS ~
PS value will be refreshed at 0:00(UTC) every day, so please check if the PS on the main screen is updated before you play.
If you want to use your PS effectively, it is important to decide what is the priority to use your stamina. The next section describes the recommended way to use your PS.
PS is required to participate in Raid Mode and Versus Battle.
If you are confident to win the Raid mode and Versus Battle, I suggest you run out of PS here!

You can play Single mode without PS
If you win with 0 PS, you can't get resources, but you can get AA tokens

After running out of PS, we suggest you play the Single mode
(You can earn up 60 AA everyday in Single mode)    
Here are ways to increase your PS limit
As the number of Babo you have increases, your PS limit will increase.

Babo numbers PS limit
3-9 20
19-19 40
More than 20 60
Refer to the above, if you like to play games, you can earn more AA tokens ~




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