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How to Buy $ORE and $AA token?

Post Date:2022-06-29 09:27

This tutorial will show you how to buy $ORE and $AA tokens.
Currently, both $ORE and $AA can be traded on the Uniswap exchange. All you need to do is import the $ORE and $AA token contract addresses to the exchange and you will be able to trade them with ETH.
Here is a detailed tutorial.

1. Enter the Uniswap exchange (please use PC web browser or the in-app browser of your crypto wallet app to open it)

2. Connect your crypto wallet (Metamask wallet is recommended)

3. Click on "Select a token"

4. Enter the token address in the search bar. If you need to buy $ORE please fill in the $ORE token contract address, if you need to buy $AA then fill in the $AA token contract address.

$ORE: 0x35ac488b773dac506ee857895ee9dc34b250f313
$AA: 0x465a9455ca6459f7a561f47dccf1018e7b3b5f22

5. Import $ORE and $AA tokens

6. Use ETH to trade $ORE and $AA tokens. Enter the amount of $ORE and $AA you want to buy and click "Swap" to trade. (Make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet to pay the Gas fee when trading)

7. After successfully purchasing $ORE and $AA token, send the token to your in-game wallet address and you can use them in SGEM City!
If you have more questions, please join our community, and ask admin for help:





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