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Which play to earn crypto games is worth spending time playing?

Post Date:2022-01-13 10:03

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has continued to fluctuate, and in stark contrast to the broader market trend is the play to earn crypto games sector. Gaming tokens represented by AXS are rising rapidly, increasing the liquidity of funds. According to Axie World, Axie Infinity's single-day gaming revenue is $8 million. The number of active users of Axie Infinity continues to grow and the price of AXS continues to hit new highs.

Free to play has not changed the trend in the gaming world, but play to earn has brought new opportunities for game development. Don't worry about missing Axie Infinity, there are many play to earn crypto games worth our time and the next hit game may be among them.

1. Lightnite

Lightnite is a Low-Poly style play to earn crypto game. The game is developed by the Elixir platform and provides players with Bitcoin + NFT rewards through the Lightning Network. All items in the game can be traded through the Lightning Network, and an NFT market based on the Lightning Network is also provided. The game provides three modes: Deathmatch, Battle Royale (under development), and Arena (under development). NFT assets include skins, accessories, parachutes, weapons, etc.

2. CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is an RPG game. In this play to earn crypto game, you need to collect weapons and heroes. In the game, players can edit their own team, destroy enemies, accumulate experience, and cultivate heroes. The in-game token SKILL can be used to acquire heroes, build weapons, and enhance equipment.


SGEM has its original "Hero + Card + Architecture" gameplay and Play to Earn 2.0 mode. Players need to cultivate their own Babu NFT, match different card skills to attack other players' defensive buildings. This three-in-one combat mode derives a variety of gameplay, bringing endless possibilities for SGEM. Players can also participate in various events to earn ORE and AA tokens for themselves.
These games will not live up to everyone's expectations. Whether you are a game master or an investment expert, you must not miss this wealth feast that has just begun to explode. I hope everyone can become a master of
play to earn crypto game.




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