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The best blockchain card games to play and invest in 2022

Post Date:2021-12-27 22:33

 According to data, more than 300 million people owned cryptocurrency in 2021. Global cryptocurrency ownership in 2021 is up by 3.9% from 2020. Many of these owners are introduced to NFT, a unique digital asset, from blockchain card games.

NFT is a unique digital asset that is scarce and has great appreciation potential. In 2017, the digital collection "CryptoPunk #3100" was sold for $2,127, but the collection has a market value of over $7.5 million this year. This indicates a high-profit ceiling for NFT digital asset returns. Nowadays, NFT assets in blockchain card games are slowly becoming a new form of investment.

In the past year, blockchain games have been developing rapidly. Blockchain card games are the most popular blockchain games among players. So. what are the three best blockchain decks to play and invest in 2022? Let's take a look.

1. Gods Unchained

"Gods Unchained", I believe that many players have heard of this name. It has been famous for a long time among blockchain card games. Many players are attracted by a bunch of virtual fantasy characters. The main gameplay of this blockchain card game is to collect NFT cards. It still has the investment value in 2022.



"Splinterlands is one of the most popular blockchain card games, along with Gods Unchained. Its name is often on the list of popular blockchain games. The gameplay of Splinterlands is based on fighting with NFT cards to get rewards.


3.SGEM - a play to earn blockchain card game

SGEM is a blockchain card game that was officially launched in November 2021. Although the game has been released for a short time, it has attracted many players. And SGEM is often featured on various lists. As a game that has been released for less than a month and can appear on the list together with Axie Infinity, a well-known blockchain game, its potential is evident.
SGEM is a blockchain card game that combines "Heroes + Cards + Buildings" and is not just a simple card collection like traditional blockchain games. The enormous fun of this game is to match the heroes with the cards and consider how to break the enemy's building defense formation.

SGEM will gradually open more interesting tournament systems and gameplay. Players can get great rewards from the tournaments. In addition to collecting NFT, many players will play the gold farming mode of this game. After all, it's another form of investment~

2022 is a brand new year. What does the future hold? We don't know. But looking back at 2021, we know that the sooner we invest in NFT assets and find fun and worthwhile investments in blockchain card games, the better. After all, the closer we get to the metaverse and Web3, the higher the return value of NFT in the future.





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