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Which blockchain card games are recommended?

Post Date:2022-02-14 16:04

Compared with other types of blockchain games, the quality of blockchain card games is very high. Players can benefit through their play time or sell or trade cards as their digital assets. The added value of play-to-earn and NFT establishes the future of blockchain card games.
If you are interested in the blockchain card game, the following games are worth trying.
1. ChainZ Arena
The world of magic is fascinating. Since you can't experience magic in reality, why not use magic to compete in the game world? ChainZ Arena is a recently popular blockchain card game set in the world of magic. Players can experience the joy of battle by collecting and upgrading cards. Moreover, players can earn real benefits through mining. The game’s primary token is SOUL, which is obtained by mining and buying cards. By selling or trading SOUL, players can earn ETH, EOS, and TRX.  This game has received a lot of praise soon after it launched.

2. Splinterlands
Splinterlands is a kind of TCG blockchain card game. If you like “War of Three Kingdoms” or “Hearthstone”, you will not miss Splinterlands. The gameplay of this game is easy that you need to choose the warrior, monsters, and the order of battle to defeat all enemies to win the game. The spotlight of Splinterlands is the free trade marketplace realized by the flowability of blockchain. Hence, players can obtain high-value cards and exchange them in cash.

SGEM is a blockchain card game that launched about a month. Since its opening, it has been popular among many players and investors, and its hotness is already comparable to Axie Infinity. People are buzzing that SGEM will be the next Axie Infinity.
Collecting cards is not the only way to earn benefits in SGEM. Instead, it’s a blockchain card game that combines “Tower defense, hero and card.” In the game, you defeat enemy towers by setting up heroes and using card skills. There are dozens of ways to play, and you can gain real assets such as farming and participating in various tournaments.

Blockchain card games are rising and can become the center of traffic convergence in the future. Because of the advantage of play-to-earn and NFT gameplay mode, you will earn more if you invest in blockchain card games earlier.




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