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Blockchain Game-SGEM Babo Breeding Guide: How to breed Babo?

Post Date:2022-01-13 09:52

SGEM is a blockchain game operating on Ether, which has a unique game system that combines "Hero + Card + Architecture". Players can enjoy raising their own Babo and fighting in the game. This guide will teach you how to breed your own unique Babo.


What is Babo breeding?

As I mentioned, SGEM's worldview has many hero characters. And players are allowed to take two unrelated Babos to breed a new Babo. The new baby Babo will first appear in the form of the Babo egg. Through 5 days of incubation, The Babo egg will hatch a brand new Babo hero.
To prevent players from endlessly breeding, selling, and disrupting the market economy, the blockchain game-SGEM official limits the cost and count of breeding. For example, inbreeding is not allowed, and the more times the same Babo is bred, the more expensive it cost. This is a way to effectively control resources, prevent the flood of Babo from becoming worthless, prevent inflation, and eliminate the potential collapse of the game economy.

What does the Babo breed count mean?

The breed count refers to the number of times Babo has bred offspring. One Babo can only breed 7 times, so the maximum count of Babo will be displayed as 7/7.
Babo with fewer breeding counts is more valuable because the fewer breeding times, the greater the chance that their skills can be inherited by breeding. And the more times Babo is bred, the more cost the player needs to pay next time. So the number of times Babo is bred will affect the market value.

What is the cost of breeding Babo?

There are genesis Babo and normal Babo in blockchain game-SGEM. Genesis Babo is the first Babo to be sold. Because genesis Babo is extremely rare, they have some unique characteristics. When two genesis Babo breed, Players do not need to spend AA tokens. When genesis Babo breed with normal Babo, players need to pay a certain breeding fee.

How to breed Babo in blockchain game-SGEM?

1. Firstly, you need to purchase two Babo from the marketplace.
2. Click the "breed" button in the interface of "Babo information."
3. Choose the Babo you want to breed with the chosen one.
4. Click the "breed" button to produce a Babo egg.

How long does it take for Babo eggs to hatch?

After successful breeding, it takes 5 days for Babo eggs to become Babo. The hatching process does not cost any money.
During the breeding process of the Babo egg, you can check the time and progress of incubation and the information of its parents. However, the specific genetic information about the new Babo cannot be viewed during the Babo egg stage. You can see it after hatching.

What is Babo gene?

Each Babu has 6 genes, including 5 body genes and 1 weapon gene. Body genes include body, eyes, mouth, head, and legs.
Each Bab has 5 skills, including 1 active skill and 4 passive skills. Active skills are inherited from weapon genes, and the 4 passive skills are derived from glasses, mouth, head and legs.
It is worth noting that Babo has a certain probability of genetic mutation during the breeding process. Gene mutation refers to a gene that becomes another random gene, and the gene is not inherited from the parents. For example, if the weapon of parents Babo is scepter, their offspring will likely mutate into an axe.
Above is the knowledge about how to breed Babo in the
blockchain game-SGEM. If you want to learn more about the breeding mechanism of Babo in SGEM, you may need to do some practical operations in the game. While waiting for the hatching of the Babo baby, you will look forward to whether the Babo's genes meet expectations. Go ahead and try to breed an exclusive Babo.




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