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Crypto GameFi: Make the player become the real game owner

Post Date:2022-02-11 18:42

As the PC and mobile games progress, the game industry has shown a great interest in cryptocurrencies. Undeniably, crypto gamefi change the inherent way of traditional games by allowing players to earn while playing, which is used to reward the time and effort put into the game.


A global assets exchange report points out that 75% of players are willing to exchange their digital assets into cross platform token. It shows the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies.  Players can freely trade or sell virtual assets in the game with no restrictions due to the characteristic of the transparency and security of crypto gamefi.


Traditional games are developer-centric, and the property owned by the player in the game as well as the props always belong to the developer. However, crypto games are built on top of a public blockchain where each player owns and controls his or her own data. Crypto games are entertaining and have the advantage of earning while playing. Players buy game assets that have economic value and have the potential to increase in value. Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena and SGEM are all popular crypto games where players can earn real income through virtual assets.


The typical representative is SGEM, a strategy card tower defense crypto gamefi. It combines "hero + card + building" that players can build their own exclusive base, raise a powerful Babo team, collect cards and participate in various of battle such as limited tournament, ladder tournament, promotion tournament and others to earn a rich ORE and AA tokens!


In short, more and more people are investing in the crypto gaming market. This improves the player's gaming experience, enhances asset security, and has the potential to make money. At the same time, players can change the governance mechanism of the game. The development of
crypto games will be determined by players, and crypto games make players the real owners of the game.




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