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From 0 to 1, SGEM is coming

Post Date:2022-02-10 22:23

It’s not easy to develop a new game, especially a blockchain game. The entire team must have innovative design concepts, as well as ideas for the token economy, complete development engines and tools, and user community operations and users. The development of any chain game has to go through many details, so it is not easy to go from 0 to 1 for a game.


SGEM is a chain game that was launched in November 2021. It took 4 years to develop, and the project development process is extremely rich.

11.8, 2017—— Development begins
10.5, 2018—— Pre-alpha testing begins
10.24, 2018—— Game on Ethereum
12.6, 2018—— SGEM City Alpha testing begins
1.18, 2019—— Mobile version 1.0 releases
8.29, 2019—— Officially named SGEM
3.27, 2020—— The international version Alpha testing begins
6.25, 2021—— The mobile version 2.0 releases
Q3, 2021—— The official website and white paper in public
Q3, 2021—— Invitation system online, worldwide promotion on track
Q4, 2021—— ORE exchange online 

The opening price of Genesis Babo NFT in SGEM was as high as 0.3 ETH, and the six rounds of flash sales on the day were all sold out within 1 second. After that, the price continued to rise sharply, and it only took 3 days to reach 0.8 ETH, which attracted the attention of a large number of players and investors.

SGEM runs on Ethereum and is a strategy tower defense game that integrates “Hero + Card + Architecture”. Before starting the game, you need to buy three Babos as heroes, and then select the appropriate cards to match the best. The Babo team with strong attributes will attack the enemy’s defensive buildings. After winning each battle, you will be rewarded with AA tokens, which can then be traded on the Uniswap exchange. There are many ways to get AA tokens, such as single-mode, raid mode, versus battle and other events.

SGEM adopted the Play to Earn 2.0 model, subverting the Play to Earn model of Axie Infinity. SGEM is building a blockchain gaming project that is more profitable and fun than Axie Infinity or others. The next step will be to integrate popular gameplay such as TCG and multiplayer shooting, embed emerging technologies such as AR, LBS, VR, etc., and successively access original blockchain games such as “SGEM Hero”, “ SGEM Matrix ” and “ SGEM Fire ”.

In the future, SGEM will continue to inject inspiration and iteratively improve products. Gem NFT will be possible to cooperate with offline brands to produce limited gems or cooperate with designers to make them quickly realized, and everyone can DIY and create exclusive gems. SGEM’s community will also allow players to create their own avatars, and at the same time produce high-quality community content, creating a social space for players to precipitate relationships. Let us wait and see the future development of SGEM.




SGEM Global Genesis Closed Beta is coming
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