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How to play Mage Babo in SGEM – blockchain game?

Post Date:2021-12-27 22:35

As a four-year veteran player, I have witnessed the growth of SGEM – blockchain game. Now, more and more players have joined this blockchain game. So, I want to share some of my gaming experience to help you get in the game.

This time I want to share my experience about how to play Mage Babo. You might curious why I choose Mage. To tell you the truth, I’m a big fan of Harry Potter, so I am full of yearning for magic.

1.  How to own a Mage Babo?

You can buy it from the Marketplace.


2.  How to choose a good attribute Mage Babo?

Whether a Babo is good or not depends on the matching of its skills (1 Active skill and 4 Passive skills) and racial characteristics. Mage Babo has the characteristics of high spell attack, group attack and long-range attack. So, you can judge your Babo that if its skills are related to racial characteristics, it will not be too bad. If you’re still confused, try to refer the following skills list.

But it's worth noting that these skills are only personal recommendations. After all, there are thousands of Mage Babo. You have to find out which skills are suitable for your Babo and which combination of skills can play a miraculous effect.

3.  How to fight an Offensive and Defensive Battle with Mage Babo?

If you want your Mage Babo perform well in Offensive and Defensive Battles, not only focus on the influence of his own skills, but also the combination of cards. Which cards are more compatible with the Mage Bobo?

First is “Metamorphosis”, it can enhance Babo’s spell attack power, assist in high damage and destroy buildings faster.
Second is damage cards “Scattered Zap” and “Lighting”. “Scattered Zap” can attack group of buildings and “Lighting” can attack single of building.
Last is defensive cards “Spell Immunity”, “Bloodthirsty” and “Cure”. The weakness of Mage Babo is low Blood volume, so it need some cure card to defend enemy attacks.
After the deck is built, how to use it is the key to victory. So you can learn some basic combo here.
“Metamorphosis” + “Scattered Zap”/ “Lighting”

Use “Metamorphosis” to increase spell attack power. If there are multiple buildings, use “Scattered Zap”. If you want to target one building, use “Lightning” to destroy the building with high damage. If your HP is low, try to add a “Bloodthirsty” in your deck. Your Babo can suck blood when cause spell damage by using it.


4. Dos and Don'ts for Mage Babo in actual combat

Though Mage Babo can cause high spell damage, it’s basic HP is quite low. So be careful with “Moon Guard” and “Blast Artillery”.

“Moon Guard”, deal same value of spell damage to attackers when suffer spell damage. So, the higher spell damage the Mage Babo used to attack it, the more blood Babo would lose. When encounter this building, try to use “Spell Immunity” to immune spell damage.

“Blast Artillery”, when it appears or destroyed, it will launch a physical attack with 100% critical strike. If Babo's blood volume is not high at this time, it may die at any time. To prevent sudden death, you should be good at using “Bloodthirsty” and “Cure”.

Above are my experiences on how to play to Mage Babo. I hope these experiences can be helpful to all novice players. By the way, you can check out this link:,start a battle in SGEM blockchain game and verify the effect of my experience, hah~




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