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How to make money on blockchain game — SGEM?

Post Date:2022-02-15 14:17

SGEM is a high-qualityblockchain game that took 4 years to develop. Because it is a game based on cryptocurrency and NFT, players can not only experience the fun of the game but also earn money in the game. Currently, players can make money in several ways, such as buying and selling Babo and earning AA tokens. In the future, SGEM will open more game modes and gameplay, you can look forward to it!


Ways to earn — 1. Collect AA token

The most common way to earn money in SGEM is to collect AA tokens, which is one of the most important currencies in SGEM. It is easy to earn AA tokens, and I will introduce 4 different methods to earn them.

1. Raid Mode

In the raid mode, you can earn a certain amount of AA tokens and ladder points by winning the battles. The higher the ladder score you accumulate, the more AA tokens you can get after each battle victory. Conversely, the lower the ladder score, the lower the number of AA tokens you can get.

2. Single mode

In the single player mode, you can get AA tokens without consuming energy (resources). But you can’t get AA in the levels before 1–2. The higher the level, the more AA you can get. The maximum number of AA tokens you can get in the single player mode is 60.

3. Daily Quests

When you complete enough daily quests in SGEM, you will earn a certain amount of activity value to redeem for rewards. When the activity value accumulates to 80 and 100, you can get 5AA tokens and 25AA tokens respectively, and you can get up to 30AA per day by completing all daily quests.

4. Versus Battle

Versus Battle is a resident tournament where players can fight with each other in a real-time 1v1 match. The winner will earn 24AA per battle. This is also the highest number of AA that can be obtained in a single game in the current offensive and defensive battle.

Currently, AA token has been launched on uniswap and the price of it has reached $0.11, which means that you will get $11 for every 100 AA tokens sold. Also, adding the number of AA you can get from raid mode and freeroll victories, you will earn more than $11 per day.

Ways to earn — 2. breed and sell Babo

Babo is not only an important character in SGEM but also an NFT game asset owned by players. There is a mature breeding mechanism that player is allowed to use two Babos to breed offspring, which will gradually hatch from a single Babo egg into a new Babo. The new Babo will inherit the genes and characteristics of its Babo parents.

Because Babu babies can inherit the genes and characteristics of their parents, you can match different Babos to create a Babo with better skills. And if you can breed a top-notch and high-quality Babo. You can sell it in an excellent price. The highest-valued Babu currently sells for 0.75 ETH, with a total value of $2,850.

SGEM is a blockchain game that launched in November 2021. Many players, including me, have recovered our costs by farming in the game and even made more money. If you want to make money sooner, it is better to enter the market early. SGEM will continue to open more game modes and ways to make money, I am looking forward to it.




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