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How to find a fun and profitable blockchain card game?

Post Date:2022-02-14 16:05

After the concept of meta-universe was put forward, it became a hot topic of discussion, and blockchain games have also become the focus. The price of many game tokens has risen, and everyone wants to find high-quality projects to invest in. The most popular is the blockchain card game. If you like it, don't miss the following several potential blockchain card games.
1. Alien Worlds  
Alien Worlds is a space-based blockchain card game. The game contains many different planets. On the planets, players can own land, collect rent, mine, and fight. The main gameplay is to compete by collecting and using NFT cards in the game.


Trilium (TLM) is the game's native token, which can be used to purchase and trade in-game NFT items. Players can earn TLM by mining and participating in battles.  Each of the six planets has its own DAO. players holding TLM can participate in governance by pledging it, thus influencing the direction of the game.
2. Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained is a Collective Blockchain card game. Players need a set of cards to participate in the arena. These cards have attack, support, disruption, or defense abilities, and different cards have different attack effects. When players win the match, they will gain game token Flux which can be used to upgrade cards. The game is now going to introduce GODS tokens to update its economy. GODS will add an extra layer of game play earning to the card game, as well as adding community governance to it.

SGEM is a brand-new play to earn 2.0 blockchain card game that combines "Card + Heroes + Architecture" gameplay. It offers players a variety of ways to play and has a comprehensive economic system. Players can earn money by participating in multiple tournaments, original option mining, daily gold farming and trading. Moreover, Staking rewards will be added in the future.


The diverse gameplays of
blockchain card game SGEM is a guarantee to maintain the operation of the game's economic system. Compared to Axie Infinity, SGEM is more sustainable. The development team has spent four years working on the game, and it has lived up to its name by showing us a true attempt at "blockchain+gaming".




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