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The best time to “play to earn” crypto games has come

Post Date:2022-02-10 22:44

Since the birth of the game industry, it has been developing rapidly, and the impact of the epidemic has promoted the development of home offices, online businesses, online education, game entertainment, and other industries. The Internet has become an indispensable part of people's communication, office, entertainment, and more time and energy have been invested in the virtual world. The "play to earn" crypto game developed vigorously.


According to Newzoo, the total number of global gamers will exceed the 3 billion mark in 2021; the number has increased 5.3% compared with 2020; global game total revenue in 2021 is $175.8 billion. With a market size of US$88.2 billion, the Asia-Pacific has become the region with the highest proportion of global game revenue. Newzoo believes that by 2024, game players will reach 3.32 billion, and global game revenue will reach 200 billion US dollars. (source from Newzoo)


With the advent of SHIB, AXS, SAND, CHR, MANA, and other upsurges, the "play to earn" crypto game has become a hot topic in the currency circle. The core principle of GameFi is play-to-earn, and every game is working hard to combine earn with play. After four years, the SGEM team has built SGEM into a game that combines game entertainment and the DeFi economy.

What is SGEM?
SGEM is a virtual entertainment space running on Ethereum, and its community is built based on easy-to-use, light-strategy, fun, and non-tiring competitive adversarial games. Every game connected to the SGEM game space is based on meeting the gameplay needs of mainstream players. The gameplay features are distinctive and attractive, and they are independent and interdependent at the same time. In SGEM, all games share a set of account systems, and the token (ORE) is used as the final transaction settlement currency to enable barrier-free interoperability between games. Game assets use "props on the chain + digital wallet" to realize point-to-point transactions of game props anytime, anywhere, without any intermediate platform links.


How to Play-to-Earn?
As a phenomenal product in the blockchain game industry, Axie Infinity has created a new model of Play to Earn, injecting new vitality into the entire industry. Based on Axie Infinity's gameplay, SGEM brings Play to Earn into the 2.0 era.


In SGEM, players should buy 3 Babo first. Match different cards with Babo to form a teamand destroy the opponent's base.
The babos, materials, and other game items obtained by players are all NFT assets, which can be traded on the Uniswap exchange.
Players can get rich AA token rewards through PVE single-mode, raid mode, daily tasks, and other gameplay. AA tokens can be sold in the secondary market.
A variety of events are set up in the game, such as non-discriminatory competitions, limited competitions, ladder competitions, promotion competitions, etc., which provide players with rich rewards, including a large number of ORE tokens, AA tokens, and game resources.


Metaverse is in the limelight, and "play to earn" crypto games emerge. SGEM breaks the singleness of previous chain games, adheres to the original intention of game design, adopts traditional game presentation technology, and combines the sustainable ecology of DeFi economy. It shows what the chain game should look like, and more gameplay mechanisms are waiting for players to explore.




SGEM Global Genesis Closed Beta is coming
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