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Tips for acquiring wood resources in SGEM

Post Date:2022-02-11 17:56

SGEM was officially launched for a period. Many friends were attracted by the exquisite game graphics and the original "Hero + Card + Architecture" gameplay, but they did not find a clear route for how to play this game.


In SGEM, the first task for new players is to obtain timber resources and upgrade buildings. You can quickly upgrade the building if you have enough wood. There are several ways to obtain:
1. Offensive and Defensive rewards
Win in “Raid mode” to gain wood rewards.


In the battle preparation interface, choose a Babo and build an appropriate card deck. For example, when you choose Mage Babo, it is necessary to bring a “Cure” to restore HP. The higher the card level, the better the effect.
When picking an opponent, please pay attention to the opponent's rank, if the gap is too big and the strength is disparate, you need to change your opponent in time to avoid unnecessary losses.
During the battle, players need to combine normal attacks, cards, and Babu skills, and restore HP and mana with supplies from the Supplies Shop. The minimum conditions for victory are to destroy enemy’s base or reach 50% destroy area. But if you want more loot rewards, then pick up where you left off and destroy all the enemy buildings to get a three-star battle record. The rewards will based on the obtain ranking point. The points are divided into five grades, each grade of points to obtain wood rewards ranging from 20-450, the highest points can get 450 wood.
2. Complete dispatch task
Go to “Explorer House” and send explorers to explore the “Asia” route and harvest a large amount of wood resources at the end of the exploration time.
l Try to send high level explorers, because the higher the level of explorers, the more wood you will get. Blue quality explorers collect 150 woods every 10 minutes; green quality explorers collect 75 woods every 10 minutes; white quality explorers collect 40 woods every 10 minutes.
l If you have enough energy, try to recruit ZhangQian. If not, then recruit MarcoPolo or Bering.
l Always remember to send a new one out as soon as the dispatch is over, never leave a gap.

3. Daily Quests
Click the “Quests” button at the right corner of main interface, then complete the listed task to obtain wood rewards.
 Upgrade any card 1 times. Rewards: wood x200
 Open 6 victory chests. Rewards: wood x200
 Win 10 times single mode. Rewards: wood x600
 Collect 1000 energy. Rewards: wood x100
 Initiate 3 Base Attack. Rewards: wood x100




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