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SGEM-Extreme Challenge Preview

Post Date:2021-12-17 14:48

The Extreme Challenge is about to open!


During the event

Successfully challenge level 9 of the single player mode

You will have a chance to win a lot of AA rewards and card pack


Event Time

UTC After maintenance on December 16, 2021~December 23, 2021, 0:00

Conditions of Participation

Open to all
When you do not have the stamina to challenge the ninth level of the single player mode, the record will still be included in the leaderboard


Event Description

During the event, the ranking will be based on the battle results of challenging the ninth level of the single player mode.

Sorting Criteria

The first ranking: according to the number of stars. The number of stars through the ranking of the top
Second ranking: according to the destruction rate. If the number of stars is the same, the one with the highest destruction rate will be ranked first (destruction rate is 1 decimal place, e.g. 57.3%)
Third ranking: based on time spent. If the destruction rate is the same, the shorter the time to reach this achievement the higher


Reward Preview

Ranking Reward
1 wAA*800
2 wAA*500
3 wAA*300
4ー5 Blue Card Random Package*5
Green Card  Random Package*10
White Card  Random  Package*20
6ー10 Blue Card  Random  Package*2
Green Card  Random  Package*5
White Card  Random  Package*10

Additional notes

Activity rewards will be issued within 24 hours after the end of the event






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