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SGEM —3 Star Raid Competition (Mage)

Post Date:2021-12-29 23:13

Event time:
UTC After maintenance on December 30, 2021~January 5, 2022, 23:00
Event conditions:

  1. Participate in the Raid mode with Mage Babo
  2. The ranking will be settled at the end of the event, you can click "Leaderboard" to enter the "3 stars raid " to view the ranking
  3. Top 10 players will earn rich rewards
  4. This reword includes brand new cards “Bash” and “Beam Ray”

Reward description:
After the event, the rewards will be distributed via email within three working days
Following table is the detail of each rank reward:

Rank Rewards
1st wAA 360、Blash*3、Beam Ray *88
2nd wAA 220、Blash *1、Beam Ray *38
3rd wAA 100、Blash *1、Beam Ray *8
4-5th wAA 30、Blash *1、Beam Ray *1
6-10th Blash *1、Beam Ray *1
1.During this tournament, the ladder points will not be deducted in case of defensive failure in raid mode, you can check the defense log here
2.Tournament details are subject to actual updates




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