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Breaking News! SGEM “Trainee Plan” is coming!

Post Date:2022-01-13 21:03

Welcome, advanture, to SGEM!
We built a brand new building "Trainee Hall" beside the rocky hill

This building was designed by the King of SGEM city

The building is built between the mountains and the sea
Where the infinite scenery is all to be embraced

Experienced adventurers can lend Babo here,
And earn extra income!

New adventurers can borrow Babos for free here,
And get ready for the next journey!

【Open time】
“Trainee plan”will be launched on January 14th after maintenance (UTC time) !
For players who haven't joined SGEM yet:
Now you can borrow Babos for free, join the battle, earn AA tokens and get real income!
For players who already have a lot of Babo:
Now you can lend your extra Babos, let others help you earn more AA tokens and get money easily!
【Character introduction】
There are 2 characters in Trainee Hall:

1. Have at least 10 Babos to become an owner
2. Each owner can lend at most 3 groups of Babos at the same time (3 Babos per group)

1. Only players who have never owned Babos and Eggs can become a trainee
2. Each trainee can borrow at most 1 group of Babo (3 Babos per group)

【Function Description】
1. The duration of each internship is 7 days. After the internship, Babos will return to the "owner"
2. Both“Trainee” and “Owner” can earn wAA benefit
3. For each 1 Genesis Babo in the group, the owner’s share will increase

Learn more details in SGEM “Trainee Hall” :




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