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SGEM —January 20 update

Post Date:2022-01-20 00:36

Hi buddy,
Below are the details of the 2021/1/20 update.

〓Update Schedule〓

Update maintenance begins 2021/1/20 01:00 (UTC) and is estimated to take 3 hours. Please be ready to go offline in advance.
〓New Function〓

1.“Shooter Best record” is officially launched

Click to view activity details:

2.Increase defense units “Cannon” and trap unit “ParalysisTrap” , adjusting the skill effects of defensive units “HeavenlyAltar”

   1)Skill effect of defensive unit “Cannon”: Deals an equal amount of physical damage to the attacker when taking physical damage

   2)Skill effect of trap unit “Cannon”: For a certain number of turns, each time Babo uses a card, Babu takes a number of spell damage (Specific values vary with building level )

   3)Skill effect of defensive unit “HeavenlyAltar”: When the unit takes physical damage, it will only take half the damage value, which expires after flipping a certain number of squares (Specific values vary with building level )

〓Optimization Adjustment〓

1.Adjusted the strength of shooter Babo:
   1)The original hit rate of shooter Babo increased from 87% to 90%
   2)The hit increase value of Bobo skill “Hit Increase” adjusted from 10% to 8%

2.Increased card open rate of single mode chest

3.Optimized the Babo skill display of Babo information parenthood interface

4.Optimize the display of Babo skills when press and hold the Babo in the Marketplace Adding Babo interface

5.Optimized the breeding selection interface, adding a button to quickly view the skills of parents

6.Optimized the gain alert of Explorer House

7.Optimized the Leader board display of Versus Battle ranking rules

8.Optimized the display of Lend Babos interface in Trainee Hall

9.Optimized Trainee Hall rules. Both owner and trainee can cancel the internship after 3 days

10.Optimized the display of Internship information interface in Trainee Hall

11.Optimized the interaction of Trainee Hall main interface

〓Fix Bug〓

1.Fixed the problem of abnormal deck creation
Thank you all for your support! Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service if you encounter any issues after the new update. We will do our very best to resolve the issue.
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