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SGEM —February 17 update

Post Date:2022-02-16 22:31

Hi buddy,
Below are the details of the 2022/2/17 update.

〓Update Schedule〓
Update maintenance begins 2022/2/17 01:00 (UTC) and is estimated to take 3 hours. Please be ready to go offline in advance.
〓New Function〓

1.Versus Battle - Warrior Card reward event
During the event, the Encouragement Award will produce high quality of Warrior cards. Seize the chance and upgrade your Warrior Cards!

〓Optimization Adjustment〓

1.Adjust the Single Mode stamina consumption and card rewards rules
   1)The PS consumption of Single Mode level 1~7 is adjusted to 1, and level 8~9 is adjusted to 2

   2)The number of card rewards for victory chest in single player mode is adjusted to 2

2.Adjusted the card output rules of the raid mode victory chest: 2 cards can be obtained after opening the chest, with random quality
3.Optimized the dialogue display of newbie guide
4.Optimized the display of daily activity interface
5.Optimized the function of Max button when transferring and withdrawing wAA
6.Optimized the dynamic effect of buildings in the main interface
7.Optimized the display of reward icons in single player mode

〓Fix Bug〓

1.Fixed the problem of abnormal ETH transfer interface
2.Fixed the problem of abnormal warehouse reward prompt
3.Fixed the problem of abnormal display of Attack and Defense log Replay button when using 
Some browsers
4.Fixed the problem of displaying the number of Babo warehouses
5.Fixed the problem of abnormal display of earnings in the Trainee Hall
6.Fixed the problem of incorrect display of Babo market price
7.Fixed the problem of abnormal display of system resource rewards in Revenge mode 

Thank you all for your support! Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service if you encounter any issues after the new update. We will do our very best to resolve the issue.
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