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SGEM — March 3rd update

Post Date:2022-03-02 22:22

Hi buddy,
Below are the details of the 2022/3/3 update.
〓Update Schedule〓
Update maintenance begins 2022/3/3 01:00 (UTC) and is estimated to take 3 hours. Please be ready to go offline in advance.
〓New Function〓
1. “PVE Best Record 9” has officially launched
Click to view activity details:
2. Added “Replay” function in Best Record Leaderboard
〓Optimization Adjustment〓
1. Adjusted Babo’s skill attributes:
  1) “Price Mana”
- The initial value of restoring mana is adjusted from 10 to 5, the growth value remains unchanged
- The use up times is adjusted from 7 to 5 per game
- The number of cards required to be used is adjusted from 5 to 6

  2) “Weaken”
- The initial value of reducing attack power increases from 30 to 50, the growth value remains unchanged
- The Warrior’s additional value increases from 10 to 20

  3) “Physics Enhance”
- The initial value of increasing physical attack power is adjusted from 10 to 20, the growth value is adjusted from 15 to 10

  4) “Mana Increase”
- Added “the added value +20 when used by Mage Babo”

2. Adjusted building’s defense attributes:
  1) Base Camp’s Extra Counterattack (Ex.Catk) is adjusted from 0% to 20%, Critical (Crit) and Critical Resistance (Crit Res) is adjusted to 0%, reduced Attack power
  2) Base Camp’s new skill “When counterattack or extra counterattack hit Babo, 80% chance to increase the mana cost of a random card in hand by 10”
  3) Automatic building’s Physical Resistance (Res) is adjusted from 0 to 20

3. Adjusted Mage Babo’s attributes:
- Reduced health and Physical Attack Power
- Increased Spell power and Mana value

Adjusted breed rule: Dominant genes will not mutate

5. Adjusted Protect time to 1 hr.

6. Adjusted the number of white cards in the card reward pack for levels 3 to 6 of the Single Mode

7. Optimized the display of Explorer House interface

8. Optimized the Upper limit of resources (Energy, Wood, Stone, Steel)

〓Fix Bug〓
1. Fixed the problem of abnormal display of building defense attribute values of in Offensive and Defensive Battles
2. Fixed the problem of abnormal page jumping when viewing Babo's egg
3. Fixed the problem of abnormal position of defense formation
4. Fixed the problem that when "Bloodthirsty" and "Bash" are used at the same time, the remaining number of blood-sucking buffs is abnormal.
Thank you all for your support! Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service if you encounter any issues after the new update. We will do our very best to resolve the issue.
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