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SGEM- Competition Qualifiers – Shooter Babo

Post Date:2022-05-12 11:47

Competition Qualifiers – Shooter Babo" is officially kicked off!

Victory in each battle,
can get a generous AA reward!

Top 20 in points ranking,
will also receive wORE rewards!
Top 21~150 in points ranking,
Will participate in the wORE lucky draw!
Event time:
April 28th (After maintenance) –May 25th (UTC)
Opening time: 4:00~5:00, 12:00~13:00, 15:00~16:00
Participation requirements:
1.Base camp level reaches 23
2. Only Shooter Babo can be used to play in this tournament.
1. During the event, enter the " Competition Qualifiers" entrance to participate in the tournament, and use the Shooter Babo to match.
2. The winner of each game will be rewarded with wAA according to their rank points, and the loser will be rewarded with encouragement reward.
3. During the event, the "Leaderboard of tournament Ranking (Warrior Babo)" will be launched. The leaderboard records the top 150 players' performance
4.Reward details:
1、Battle Rewards:
1Reward for each battle victory:

Points wAA Rewards
100~600 9
601~1400 10
1401~2800 11
Higher than 2800 12
2)Encouragement award for each failed battle,Open the incentive prize to get a random public card or shooter card
2、Ranking Rewards:
1)Rewards for ranking 1st to 20th:

Ranking Rewards
1 1000 wORE
2 700 wORE
3 500 wORE
4~5 350 wORE
6~10 240 wORE
11~20 180 wORE
2)Rewards for ranking 6th to 150th:
(1)Prize settings:
     Super Lucky Prize: 2 player, 50 wORE each
     Lucky Prize: 50 players, 20 wORE each

 (2)Reward details.
     The 21th--30th place, each person 5 chances of lucky draw each
     The 31st - 50th place, each person 4 chances of lucky draw each
     The 51st - 80th place, each person 3 chance of lucky draw each
     The 81st - 110th place, each person 2 chance of lucky draw each
     The 111st - 150th place, each person 1 chance of lucky draw each
     Winning rate = 16.25%
3)Qualification for ranking rewards are based on the ranking situation at the end of the competition
The special setting of the competition
1) Both players share the store : Players’coins and refresh timer caculates independently, but they can check and buy the items in the opponents store. 
2) Each person can only participate in a maximum of 30 battles per day . Up to 560 battles for the entire tournament

3)If you do not participate in the battle within a day, 30 points will be deducted from your points

The ranking of this tournament will be used as one of the evaluation factors for the final qualification
To maintain a fair game environment, please do not get points in any way that violates regulations.
If a user does this, the SGEM team has the right to cancel the competition qualifications and rewards of all accounts of the user, and severe cases will be issued a warning.
The right to interpret this event belongs to the SGEM team.




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