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SGEM —August 18th update

Post Date:2022-08-18 09:35

Hi buddy,
Below are the details of the 2022/8/18 update.
〓Update Schedule〓
Update maintenance begins 2022/8/18 01:00 (UTC) and is estimated to take 3 hours. Please be ready to go offline in advance.
〓New Function〓
1. "PVE Best Record 7(Warrior)" is officially kicked off , Click for more information:
2. Best Record Prediction Event is officially kicked off:
→Event duration: (UTC)2022/08/18 UTC 05:00:00 ~ 2022/08/19 23:00:00
→Participation:Click on the “Predict” to participate
→Prediction:Guess which three players are in the top 3 at the end of the event, regardless of the order.
→Total prize pool : All the $wAA wagered by all players will be converted into $wORE as the prize pool
→Find out more about the event in the event screen

3.Added Victory Chests for Versus mode:When you win with a level 25 Babo, you can spend wAA to open the treasure chest for a generous wORE reward of up to 20 wORE each time
4.wORE Lucky Draw (Warrior) is officially open :
→Time:(UTC)2022/08/18 4:00~2022/08/20 16:00
→Rules: Those who have won lucky draw tickets in the Competition Qualifiers(Warrior Babo will be entered into the draw and the prizes will be awarded on 24 August
→Reward details:
Happy Prize:16 players, 10 wORE each
Lucky Prize:20 players, 20 wORE each
Super Lucky Prize: 2 player, 30 wORE each
→ Winning rate : 16.59%
Apprenticeship system adds renewal functionAfter the time limit for trainees has expired, you can continue to use the trainee status at a cost of wAACan be extended for 30 days at a time.
Optimization And Adjustment

1. Optimising the rules description for the Versus mode

2. Optimising the display of the betting screen

3. Optimise the newbie guide tutorial
Fix Bug
1. Fix a bug that causes the screen to lag after the battle is over
Thank you all for your support! Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service if you encounter any issues after the new update. We will do our very best to resolve the issue.
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