Play to Earn blockchain games

The Trainee Plan set up by SGEM is a program designed for beginner players to experience the game. If you are a beginner, you can enter the game through the trainee system, borrow a Babo and earn crypto for free! At the same time, you can also lend your Babo to beginner players through the system and get AA token shares!

If you are a beginner, as long as you successfully register an account and enter the game, you are fully capable of borrowing Babo for free through the trainee system

5 Steps to Borrow Babo
  • Step1

    After registering an account, complete the beginner’s tutorial, enter the main interface of the game

  • Step2

    Click the [Trainee Hall] building on the main interface and enter

  • Step3

    Select the Babo team in the Trainee Hall whichever you prefer, and then click OK

  • Step4

    Once the rental is done, you can bring your Babo to the battle and earn AA token

  • Step5

    With the end of the rental process, you will automatically receive AA token share

How to Earn AA Token?
  • Versus Mode
  • Single Mode
  • Proving Ground
  • Events

If there are more than 15 Babos of you, you can Lend your Babos to the beginner players and get revenue share and AA tokens

  • Step1

    Click the [Trainee Hall] building on the main interface to enter the Trainee Hall

  • Step2

    Click the [Lend] button and select three Babos you want to lend (The more Babos you have, the more teams you can lend out to earn!)

  • Step3

    Wait for the AA token share after the end of the rental time


1.In Babo teams for lend, one Genesis Babo will increase the share up by 5% by each.

2.A Babo which is on rent out will not be considered as an effective one, which would not produce stamina and resources bonuses in this period.

3.Each Trainee Plan lasts for 7 days. If you think the trainee is not qualified, you can terminate the trainee relationship after three days from the start of a trainee period.