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SGEM is a virtual entertainment space runs on blockchain where you play games, craft Gems NFT and meet friends. Inside SGEM, everything can become your asset. It is your capability to explore linked games using one account with one token, to make acquaintances and to trade as you like it!





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SGEM City is the first linked game of SGEMverse. This original Tower-Defense blockchain game is concentrated in cultivation about heroes and buildings, card collection and Towe-Defense battle, with colorful gameplays like maze exploration, adventure and treasure hunting. The original trinity battle pattern —“Card+Hero+Architecture”, the Play to Earn model and unique all-year-round rewarding tournaments perfectly embody the Play 4 Fun and Play 2 Earn concept!

sgem city


  • sgem
    Exploration Tasks

    Recruit the famous explorers and send them to collect resources. Use the resources to upgrade your base, improve your defensive power and hero levels, to become the strongest warrior!

  • sgem
    Single Mode

    Challenge various difficult levels, use your heroes, cards and offensive strategies to crack different defensive formations. Win cards and AA token rewards!

  • sgem

    Battle to Earn! Join the Raid Mode, sneak attack other players' bases, loot resources and get AA token rewards. Or enjoy the exciting 1V1 racing battle to win cards and AA token

  • sgem

    Create the strongest Babo through pairing and genetics. Enlarge your Babo team or build your own Babo farm and sell them on the market to earn ETH!

  • sgem

    Various prize tournaments open all year around: Annual and Quarterly Cup Match, monthly Rank Match, regular Fair Competition and Limited Competition. All are free to join and reward generous AA and ORE token!

  • sgem
    Cave Adventure (Coming Soon)

    Explore and escape the cave in limited time! The cave is rich with treasure chest that will give you rare cards crafting materials! Use them to craft and upgrade cards, or sell them on the market for good profit!

ORE is the native ERC-20 token and governance token in SGEM. Each key game play and consumption is linked to ORE
GET ORE $0.51

Price: 0.5 +10.23%

AA is a Grade 2 token in SGEM, which has various uses in the game, players can earn AA by playing game
GET AA $0.11

Price: 0.5 +10.23%

  • 11.8, 2017

    Development begins

  • 10.5, 2018

    Pre-alpha testing begins

  • 10.24, 2018

    Game on Ethereum

  • 12.6, 2018

    SGEM City Alpha testing begins

  • 1.18, 2019

    Mobile version 1.0 releases

  • 8.29, 2019

    Officially named SGEM

  • 3.27, 2020

    The international version Alpha testing begins

  • 6.25, 2021

    The mobile version 2.0 releases

  • Q3, 2021

    The official website and white paper in publi

  • Q3, 2021

    Invitation system online, worldwide promotion on track

  • Q4, 2021

    ORE exchange online

  • Q1, 2022

    Match of season 1 in SGEM City

  • Q2, 2022

    The Gem Era 1.0; gem NFT online

  • Q3, 2022

    The expansion pack of SGEM City releases

  • Q4, 2022

    The first annual Cup of SGEM City starts

  • The first half of 2023

    The second blockchain game joins

  • The second half of 2023

    The Gem Era 2.0; UGC on track

  • 2024-Future

    Coming soon

  • Rin Horie

    CEO & Publisher

    Dig deep into the game market for over 10 years in Japan, China, and Korea. Published the phenomenal mobile games such as “Light x Shadow”“Houchishoujo”. The monthly top-up of self-developed H5 game platform was over 20 million JPY

  • Yiqing XU


    Over 10 years experience in game operation. In charge of the operation of “The Monster Haven”. Annual download was over 2million, made it one of the most popular mobile games in Japan. Started his own business, the mobile game operated has the maximum monthly top-up of 950 million JPY

  • Nanami Ota


    7-Year marketing experiment in Internet industry. Specialize in social media, television commercial and offline advertising. Took the responsibility for promotions and the launch of several mobile games and H5 games with a monthly top-up over millions of USD, and promotion with a budget of more than 3 million dollars in one month



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