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Ⅰ. General

+ Can I play SGEM on the mobile phone?

Yes, SGEM supports both PC and mobile experience. You can download and install the Android App of SGEM, or directly open the game on the mobile browser, then you can enjoy the game on your mobile phone.

Google Play: Click here

Download APK: Click here

Web Version:

+ Which blockchain does SGEM run on?

SGEM runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and measures are taken in the game to effectively reduce the cost of Gas fee and ensure the smooth operation of the game, so that everyone can experience the game easily.

+ How do I ask for more game support?

If you have difficulties, please join our Discord server and post in the #COMMUNITY channel and our community will be happy to help!

Ⅱ. For Beginners

+ How to get three Babo to enter the game?

1) To buy Babos from other players in the Market.

2) To borrow Babos in the Trainee Hall (Free).

+ What is Babo?

Babo is the hero NFT in SGEM City. You can trade it and earn ETH.

+ How to earn AA Token in SGEM City?

You can get AA rewards for participating in daily activities and various events. When you reach level 2, you will have your first battle, and you will get AA rewards after every victory!

+ How to earn more AA Token in the game?

1) To buy Babos which have powerful skills so that you can win in more battles and earn more AA.

2) The PS Value affects the upper limit of AA earned every day. The more Babos you own, the higher the PS Value. The more PS Value, the more battles you can join. The maximum PS Value is 60 points.

Ⅰ. About Babo

+ What is the meaning of each value on the Babo information interface?

1. Level: Babo's Level is synchronized with Base Camp's Level. The higer the level, the stronger the Babo's combat ability.

2. HP: HP is the Health Points of Babo. When Babo's HP reduce to 0, you will lose the battle.

3. Mana: When using cards or active skills, it needs to consume mana

4. ATK: ATK stands for Physical Attack Power

5. SP: SP stands for Magic Attack Power

6. Shield: When Babo is attacked by a building during the battle, the shield value is deducted first, and Babo's HP is deducted when the shield value reduce to 0.

+ How to own a Babo?

1. You can spend wETH in the marketplace to buy Babo listed by other players.

2. If you already own Babos, you can use them to breed new ones.

3. Rent other people's Babos for free through the Trainee Hall.

+ Why do some Babos have labels like Genesis and Activity?

1. Genesis Babo is the first generation Babo in SGEM CITY. It not only has the privilege of breeding free, but also has other additional privileges. For example, to rent Babos  in the Trainee Hall to increase revenue, etc

2. Activity Babo is generated in some special event. But it has no privileges and is the same as the normal Babo.

+ How to purchase Babo NFT?

Select the Babos you want in the marketplace and click to buy.


+ How to rent Babos?

You can rent Babos to earn AA through the Trainee Hall


+ How to upgrade Babos?

Babo level is linked to the Base Camp level. When the Base Camp upgrade, Babo will upgrade automatically.

+ How to breed Babo?

Need two Babos, and consume a number of wORE and wAA for breeding


+ How to use Babo's active skills in the battles?

You can click on Babo's active skills by your choices to activate them in the battles.


Ⅱ. About Economy

+ What kinds of currencies are available in the game?


+ What is AA and ORE?

1. ORE is the native ERC-20 token and primary token in SGEM

2. AA is the native ERC-20 token and secondary token in SGEM

+ Where to trade AA and ORE?

ORE, AA are available for trading at uniswap. Contract address:

ORE contract address:0x35ac488b773dac506ee857895ee9dc34b250f313

AA contract address:0x465a9455ca6459f7a561f47dccf1018e7b3b5f22

Note: There are many uniswap tokens with the same name. Please search by the contract address rather than by the token name directly

+ How to deposit and withdraw ETH, ORE and AA?

ETH/ORE/AA deposit and withdrawal are only available on the ETH main blockchain



+ What is w-currency?

w-currency and AA/ORE/ETH can be converted into each other, the conversion ratio is 1:1. In SGEM CITY, it is necessary to consume w-currency to breed and buy Babo.

+ Why use w-currency instead of ETH, ORE, AA?

Every transaction on the blockchain incurs Gas fees. To increase your benefit at SGEM, we have set up a w-currency scheme. The use of w-currency in game will not generate gas fees.

To thank you for your support of SGEM, the Gas fees generated by the transfer of ETH to wETH will be subsidized by SGEM.

+ How to transfer ETH, ORE and AA into w-currency?


+ Why doesn't the w-currency in the SGEM CITY screen increase after I topped up?

After topping up ETH/ORE/AA, you need to go back to the community interface to check and receive it. Then transfer it to w-currency before you can see it in SGEM CITY's game interface.


Ⅲ. About Resource

+ What is PS?

PS is an important resource for earning AA tokens in SGEM. PS is required for Single mode, Raid mode and participation in other tournaments.

+ How to obtain PS?

PS will be restored at 0:00 (UTC) every day. PS cannot be accumulated to the next day.

+ How to increse my PS upper limit?

PS is related to the number of Babo held.

・Effective Babo number: 3~9, PS upper limit: 20

・Effective Babo number: 10~19, PS upper limit: 40

・Effective Babo number: 20+, PS upper limit: 60

+ Why can I play single mode without PS?

Participating in single player mode without PS will give you AA rewards (the upper limit of AA rewards for single player mode is 60 per day), but will not yield resources such as card box.

+ What is energy?

Energy can be used to upgrade cards, recruit explorers and open chests.

+ How to obain energy?

1. Collect from enegry bottle.

2. Rob other players' energy in Raid mode.

3. Daily check in.

+ What is energy bottle?

Energy bottle can generate energy automatically. The energy output is related to the number of Babo.

+ What is wood, steel and stone?

Wood, steel and stone can be used to build and upgrade building.

+ How to obtian wood, steel and stone?

1. Dispatch explorers in the Home of Explorer

2. Rob other players' resources in Raid mode

+ What can I get at the Home of Explorer?

You can obtain wood, stone and steel by dispatching explorers.

+ What is the differences between the different qualities of the explorers?

The higher the quality of the explorer, the more resources you will obtain.

+ What to do when the resources are full?

Build and upgrade your building 

+ Why would resources be frozen?

When being attacked by other players through Raid Mode, resources would be frozen.

+ What is protected time?

No raids or revenge by other players during the protection time

+ Why does my protection time suddenly decrease?

If you raid or revenge other players during the protection time, your own protection time will be reduced .

Ⅳ. About Battle

+ What is building?

Buildings are the units that make up an exclusive base and can defend against attacks from others.

+ What is card?

In battle, using cards enables Babo to activate the corresponding card skills

+ What is the relationship between Babos, buildings and cards?

1. Babo's level will be raised with the base camp.

2. Buildings can defend against other Babo's attacks

3. Cards can help you use skills when your Babo attacks other players'  buildings

+ How to upgrade buildings?

After getting enough wood, stone and steel resources, click on the "Upgrade"


+ How to upgrade cards?

After getting enough cards, you can consume energy in the card screen and click on Upgrade.

+ What is the difference between different qualities of the same card?

Cards are divided into white, green and blue quality, the higher the quality, the better the effect of using the cards

+ How to conduct an offensive and defensive battle?

Click on the battle in the SGEM CITY interface and select the appropriate mode for the offensive and defensive battle


+ How to conduct a revenge?

In the battle log, you will see "Revenge" button. Click and enter revenge mode.

+ How to participate in Versus Battle?

Currently, the Versus Battle would be held three times a day, and you can enter the matching battle by clicking on the tournament after it begins

+ How to enter the Raid mode?

Search for an opponent in the Raid Mode interface, and click on Attack


+ How to enter the Single Mode?

Search for an opponent in the Single Mode interface, and click on Attack


+ What is Supply Store and what can I do with the silver coin in battles?

The supply store will offer cards, blue medecine and red medcine. To purchase those items you have to consume silver coins.

+ How to get silver coins?

By clicking and removing the clouds or destroying buildings, you can get silver coins.

+ Will the Supply Store in battle be refreshed?

The Supply Store will refresh automatically every 5 rounds. You can also consume 2 silver coins to refresh the mall manually.

+ What is ladder point?

Ladder point can show your personal strength, which will affect the ranking in Raid Mode.

+ What does Ladder point stands for?

Ladder point will affect the number of AA you get in each battle you win in the Raid Mode.

Ladder point 100~400, 3AA for each 3-star victory

Ladder point 401~1400, 5AA for each 3-star victory

Ladder point 1401~2300, 7AA for each 3-star victory

Ladder point 2301~3200, 8AA for each 3-star victory

Ladder point 3201~4000, 9AA for each 3-star victory

Ladder point 4001 or more, 10AA for each 3-star victory

+ How to get ladder point?

1. Win in the Raid mode.

2. Revenge other players and win.

Ⅴ. Other 

+ How to add friends?

Search players' nicknames in the Friends interface to add friends.

+ How to speak in world channel?

Click on the chat icon in the lower left corner and choose "World" channel.



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