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+ 1. When will SGEM Global Genesis Closed Beta open?

The Global Genesis Closed Beta of SEGM will be launched on November 18th. Please pay attention to the official news on Discord and Twitter for the starting time.

+ 2. How to get the invitation code?

At present, the invitation code delivering activity is in full swing on the official Discord community of SGEM. You can get the invitation code for the Global Genesis Closed Beta as long as you join the official Discord and complete the assigned tasks.

Join Discord:

+ 3. When will the invitation code be delivered?

Players who have successfully completed the invitation task on Discord will receive the invitation code of Global Genesis Closed Beta on November 8th.

+ 4. Can we play SGEM on the mobile phone?

Yes, SGEM supports both PC and mobile experience. You can download and install the Android App of SGEM, or directly open the game on the mobile browser, then you can enjoy the game on your mobile phone.

+ 5. Which blockchain SGEM runs on?

SGEM runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and measures are taken in the game to effectively reduce the cost of Gas fee and ensure the smooth operation of the game, so that everyone can experience the game easily.



SGEM Global Genesis Closed Beta is coming
Join Discord and get the limited invitation code