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SGEM- Limited Qualifier – Shoter Babo

Post Date:2023-05-25 10:01

SGEM- Limited Qualifier –Shooter Babo

Limited Qualifier –Shooter Babo is officially kicked off!
Victory in each battle,
can get a generous wAA reward!
Top 10 in points ranking,
will also receive wORE rewards!


 Event time:
May 25th –
June 7th(UTC)
Opening time: 3:00~5:00、11:00~14:00(UTC)
Participation requirements:
1.Base camp level reaches 23
2. Only Shooter Babo can be used to play in this tournament.
3. Building formations can add defensive Babo; if both opponents are not below the silver level, the defensive Babo's skills will be in effect during the battle. Whether the defense is successful or not, it does not consume Babo's vitality.
Event Descriptions
1. Combat Babo Mouth skills will be disabled.
2. You can only use the cards, buildings and formation capacity provided by the system
3.During the event, enter the " Arena" entrance to participate in the tournament, and use the Shooter Babo to match.
4. The winner of each game will be rewarded with wAA calculated based on acombination of ranking points and Babo level.
5. During the event, the " Limited Qualifier Ranking (Shooter Babo)" will be launched. The leaderboard records the top 150 players' performance
Reward details
1、Battle Rewards:
1Reward for each battle victory:

Rank wAA Rewards Cap Tips
Iron 7 For example,Your ranking Slive.
1)If the level of the playing Babo is 25,Get 9 wAA;
2)If the level of the playing Babo is 21~24,Get 8 wAA;
3)If the level of the playing Babo is 10~20,Get 7 wAA;
4)If the level of the playing Babo is 1~9,Get 5 wAA;
Bronze 8
Silve 9
Gold 10
Platinum 11
Diamond 12
Supreme 13
2、Wore Rewards:
1)Rewards for ranking 1st to 10th:(Qualification for ranking rewards are based on the ranking situation at the end of the competition

Ranking Rewards
1 500 wORE
2 300 wORE
3 200 wORE
4~5 150 wORE
6~10 100 wORE
2)wORE Lucky Draw:During the tournament, you will receive 1 raffle ticket for every 3 consecutive wins with a level 25 Babo. After the competition, you can use the ticket to participate in the WORE lottery
The special setting of the competition
1) Babo ability to participate in the battle is calculated according to the level of the base camp
2) Both players share the store : Players’coins and refresh timer caculates independently, but they can check and buy the items in the opponents store. 
3) Each person can only participate in a maximum of 40 battles per day . Up to 420 battles for the entire tournament
4)Win 3 times in a row and get extra bonus points
To maintain a fair game environment, please do not get points in any way that violates regulations.
If a user does this, the SGEM team has the right to cancel the competition qualifications and rewards of all accounts of the user, and severe cases will be issued a warning.
The right to interpret this event belongs to the SGEM team.





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