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Which gamefi crypto should you invest in 2022?

Post Date:2022-01-13 09:47

The financial assets are expressed in a game way, and the financial liquidity is realized through the game. When DeFi is gamified. The props and derivatives in the game have NFT. Integrating DeFi into traditional games will increase the entertainment, interactivity and ease of play of the game. Above are the meanings given by professionals for GameFi Crypto.

gamefi crypto
With the development of GameFi Crypto, blockchain game burst out with unprecedented vitality and brilliance. For those who want to invest in blockchain games, do not follow the trend blindly. You must assess your risk tolerance, analyze the expectations of inputs and outputs, and choose the right chain game for you.  Following blockchain games are currently well evaluated in all aspects on the market.

1. CyptoBlades
CryptoBlades is the first GameFi project. Because of the unique gaming system, you can easily play it on browser. Its farming method is excellent and gives players the opportunity to earn extra income. SKILL is the gamefi crypto of this game. Players earn SKILL as revenue by defeating enemies. SKILL enriches the gameplay and players can use SKILL to upgrade their game characters. The current CyptoBlades game community user volume and activity figures are very impressive.
2. Axie lnfinity
Axie Infinity has a large player community that contain the most expensive NFT collections. Axie Infinity introduce a farm to earn way that players can grow rare tokens on the land to shape characters or sell them on the market. Data in June showed that the NFT sales had reached $42 million, and research in July showed that the average daily number of players reached 250,000. Players have ownership of the system and are able to participate in the running of the game. In this way the cohesiveness of the users is enhanced and each player contributes to the development of the game.

SGEM is a blockchain game that has been online for only one month. Since its opening, its hotness is already comparable to Axie Infinity. Some people predict that SGEM, a rising star, will become the next Axie Infinity
gamefi crypto sgem
SGEM has its original "Hero + Card + Architecture" gameplay. The three-in-one battle mode gives rise to a wide variety of gameplay, bringing endless possibilities for SGEM. Players can participate in various tournaments to earn ORE and AA tokens for themselves. There are also dozens of ways to earn real assets in the game, such as farming and attending various of activity tournaments.
GameFi Crypto Game SGEM
2021 is the year of GameFi Crypto and there will be more phenomenal GameFi like Axie Infinity. However, the current boom may only be the beginning.




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