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How to play Offensive and Defensive Battle in the blockchain card game SGEM?

Post Date:2022-02-15 14:13

SGEM is different from other blockchain card games such as Gods Unchained and Splinterlands. SGEM has a different gameplay mode. It is a three-in-one game type that combines “Card + Hero + Architecture.”


While other blockchain card games are still stuck in single gameplay at the card level, SGEM has jumped out from the cards themselves and extended more gameplay. So how to play this kind of “Card + Hero + Architecture” Offensive and Defensive Battles?

SGEM blockchain card game — Offense

1. Select Babos

In the preparation interface, choose a Babo you like.

2. Prepare card decks

Choose six cards to form a deck. The higher the card level, the better the effect. Also, You can prepare your deck according to Babo’s racial traits. For instance, when preparing Mage Babo’s card deck, you can bring a “Cure” card to restore HP because Mage Babo’s HP is very low.

3. Search Opponents

After you are ready, you can start searching for your opponents. After matching the opponent, do not rush to confirm the attack. You should observe the basic information of the opponent first. If it is a well-matched opponent, then feel relieved to attack! If you find that you are too far from the opponent’s level, and your strength is meager, then you should quickly change to another opponent~

4. Start an attack

In the battle interface, click white clouds to find enemy buildings. Normal attacks, spell attacks, and Babo skills can deal damage buildings. When your Babo’s HP and mana are low, you can buy supplies from the Supplies Store. Using the Supplies Store wisely will make it much easier for you to win.

5. Victory conditions

You will reach the victory conditions by destroying the enemy base or destroying more than 50% of enemy buildings. But if you want to get more rewards, you have to destroy all the enemy buildings and get the three-stars record.

6. Victory rewards

After winning a battle, you will be rewarded rank points, AA tokens, and wood resources. The higher the rank point, the more AA tokens will be rewarded after winning each game. Wood is an important resource for upgrading buildings. Building’s level is also an essential part of the SGEM blockchain card game, and I will explain it later.

When there is an attack, there is a defense. In the SGEM blockchain card game, the “defensive” side is reflected in the base formation. Some players may think they just keep attacking other people’s bases to get rank points which is far more useful than paying attention to defense.
However, if you fail to defend, your rank point will also decrease. The fewer the rank points, the fewer AA tokens can be obtained, so it is still necessary for us to prepare a good defense. How can we improve our defense capabilities?

SGEM blockchain card game — Defense

1. Upgrade buildings, improve buildings’ defense capabilities

The easiest way is to upgrade the defense buildings directly. After upgrading the building, its defense properties will have a significant increase.

2. Set up an unexpected formation to delay the opponent’s attack

Once the buildings are upgraded to full level, you need to think about setting up a proper layout that can effectively delay the enemy’s attack. For example, you can place the buildings on the edge of the map, where the attacker will spend more time finding the buildings. Spreading out the buildings can also prevent players from knocking out large buildings at once.

3. Utilize a bond combination of each building to trigger the combo

In the future, SGEM will add new facilities. These new facilities can be combined with old buildings to form a powerful combo, significantly improving each other’s defense capabilities. For example, the combination of base, life crystal, and war crystal (new) will trigger the “Body of stone” skill, improving damage reduction ability.

In general, the Offensive and Defensive Battles of the blockchain game SGEM are pretty interesting. The battle process is full of randomness, such as random formations, random store supplies, etc. It also challenges your thinking ability to break the opponent’s formation as quickly as possible. “ Card + Hero + Architecture “ gameplay is hard to find in other blockchain card games.
At present, SGEM has only opened a part of the content. I believe that there will be more fun and interesting content to add in the future. I’m very looking forward to it. Will you have the same expectation as me?




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