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SGEM: A blockchain game developed over 4 years. Where is the fun? How to play it?

Post Date:2021-12-27 22:38

It makes me curious to know that when everyone enters blockchain just for ripping others off, there is a gaming team that is willing to spend 4 years developing a blockchain game. Though I’ve played a lot of “Fake Blockchain Game”, today I still want to introduce this blockchain game which took 4 years of development---SGEM.

1. After 4 years of research and development, what makes SGEM special?

First, let's find out what SGEM is!

According to the White Paper, SGEM is a virtual entertainment space on Ethereum. This project is not only a blockchain game but also a blockchain gaming platform that is open to all developers and allows different games to be accessed.

As a brand new Play to Earn 2.0 strategy Tower-Defense blockchain game, SGEM is characterized by its unique "Hero + Card + architecture" trinity gameplay model. Each attribute can derive a variety of gameplay, when 3 different attributes are combined, we need to spend a lot of time researching and integrating the game.

Let's start playing the game!

1. 1Purchase Babo

When entering the game, instructions will guide you through buying 3 Babos from Marketplace. You can also buy some cheap Babo eggs to breed by yourself. There's also the possibility that some Babo will be born with powerful combination skills.  

After purchasing Babos, you can build your battle card deck (each deck contains 6 cards) from the race card and common card pools. Then you can conduct an offensive-defensive battle.


In the interface of offensive-defensive battle, you need to find the enemy base camp by clicking the clouds.

Before clicking each cloud, it’s hard to imagine what is hiding underneath the clouds. It could be bottles of supplies or enemy buildings that will counter you.

As an offensive, you can win the battle by reaching a 50% destruction rate of enemy buildings or wrecking the enemy base camp.




Where there is an attack, there is a defense. In SGEM, you should also learn to defend your base and resources from enemy attacks.

If you don’t want to be invaded entirely and lose 3 stars by the enemy, you can upgrade your building to enhance defense capabilities. Moreover, you can utilize the bond combination of each building to trigger the defense combo and set up a complex defensive formation such as surrounding base, full surround, or powerful twin tower.

2. Is SGEM worth playing?

As far as I am concerned, SGEM is a blockchain game that is worth playing. The reasons why we like SGEM may vary from player to player but there are two things everyone agrees on.

SGEM is a game that combines randomness and strategy. Players will challenge their luck and strength in this game.

For randomness, you can pair two different Babos to breed a new Babo with random appearance and ability. Furthermore, when conducting an offensive battle, you will face different formations.


For strategy, you should consider different cards combo and your Babo’s skills when assembling for an attack. Also, you need to set up a defensive formation to prevent destruction. Both play modes take time and effort to learn.

Last but not least, if you are interested in SGEM, now is an excellent time to get into this game. The SGEM official has released a variety of detailed guidelines recently, newcomers can learn it quickly.

Now the entry barrier of SGEM is low that the price of Babo is not high. Hence, the earlier you earn tokens, the earlier you get your money back. Finally, here is a portal to SGEM:




SGEM Global Genesis Closed Beta is coming
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