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How to earn money in blockchain game SGEM? Take a look at this beginner’s guide!

Post Date:2022-02-15 14:12

SGEM is a brand new play-to-earn 2.0 blockchain game that is different from the traditional one. At the end of 2021, this blockchain game, which took four years to develop, was officially launched and became famous for a while. If you want to know what kind of blockchain game SGEM is, and how to play in SGEM to make money more easily, then let’s look down~


What can I play in this blockchain game SGEM, which took four years to develop?

SGEM is a blockchain card game that combines “Hero + Card + Architecture”. Players can match Babo with cards to attack other players’ bases. Babo can be raised like collecting pets, and they can be freely bred and traded. Each Babo is unique.
How to earn money in blockchain game SGEM?
After talking about the “play” of the blockchain game SGEM, we will speak of the “earn.” If you want to make money in the SGEM game, you need to know what the circulating currencies in SGEM are and how to get these currencies.

What are the main currencies in SGEM?

In SGEM, there are three main currencies: wETH, wORE, and wAA. wORE and wAA are the two secondary tokens. At present, wETH is mainly used to buy and sell Babo, wORE is used as one of the consumable resources to breed Babo, and wAA is the most common currency in SGEM, which is not only used as a rewarding resource for tournaments but also the main consumable resource to breed Babo.

How to play to earn in SGEM?

Currently, it is not possible to get wETH in-game, but both wORE and wAA can be obtained in-game. Both wORE and wAA are already linked on the uniswap , so the most direct way to make money is to accumulate these two tokens and sell them.

1. wORE acquisition method

wORE is mainly obtained through the form of activities. There is no daily access to the game so that you can look forward to the game’s later plans for wORE placement.

2. wAA acquisition method

The way to get wAA tokens is relatively simple, and there are many ways to get them. Therefore, accumulating wAA tokens is the primary way to make money for the average gold player. There are many ways to get wAA tokens, and I’ll explain them one by one for you.

1) Raid mode
In the daily offensive and defensive battles, choose the raid mode. After winning each fight, you will get wAA tokens and a certain amount of ladder points. The higher the player’s ladder score is, the more wAA tokens the player will get after winning each battle.

2) Single-mode
After passing the second level in a single mode, you can start to get wAA rewards. The further the fighting level, the more wAA numbers are given after passing. Each level can be attacked repeatedly and get wAA rewards.


3) Daily quests
Obtain active points by completing daily quests. When the active points reach 80 or 100, you can open chests to receive wAA rewards.


4) Versus Battle
Versus Battle is opened in a specific period every day. You can get 24wAA by winning the battle. Currently, versus battle is the most effective way to earn wAA. If you want to make wAA quickly, try to fight in Versus Battle.


The typical way to make money in SGEM is by gold farming to accumulate wAA tokens and then sell them. The SGEM white paper indicates that there will be more play-to-earn games in the future, such as mining, pledging, and other new ways.




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