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How much does it cost to get started in blockchain game SGEM?

Post Date:2022-01-13 14:27

SGEM is a blockchain game officially launched in November 2021. Its gameplay is unique that combines "Hero + Cards + Architecture." It stood out among many card games and became a dark horse in 2021. If you are interested in the game, you can refer to my experience. I will tell you how much money it costs to enter SGEM.

Players need to cross a small threshold to play and earn money in SGEM games. You need to purchase three Babos first. Only after having three Babos can you start playing games and making money. But how much do you need to buy three Babos? This question is also the most common question asked by other players interested in the game and who want to join the game.

In this guideline, I will tell you the actual cost in SGEM. But you should be aware that the market price will change at any time, so the price information in this article can only be used as a reference. You still need to check the actual price in the game.

What do you need to prepare before you start playing SGEM

You need a SGEM account first. There are two ways to register an account. The first is to register with an email. The second is to register with an e-wallet.

After registering an account, follow the instructions to buy Babo. You can choose the Babo you want on the marketplace by filtering conditions, such as Warrior or Mage.


What is the entry cost to purchase Babo?

A low threshold is set in the game. Player need three Babos to start the game. Everyone is wondering the price of three Babos. Preliminary calculations, according to the current market price of Babo, the average price fluctuates around 0.03ETH. So it would help if you have the least 0.09ETH (about $331.45) to purchase three Babos. However, the price will change in the future.


How to get started with SGEM most cost-effectively?

Come to the marketplace in the game, select the sorting function, and purchase according to the lowest price. Also, you can buy Babo egg which is cheaper than Babo in the marketplace. You can buy it according to the actual situation.


What influences Babo's price?

1. Whether it is a genesis Babo

Genesis Babos are rare Babo on sale for a limited time when SGEM first started its public beta. These Babos do not require any cost to breed, so they are the most popular category, and there the price of them is relatively high.


2. Babo skill

Excellent skills can often play a critical, decisive role in offensive and defensive battles and greatly improve your battles' winning rate. Therefore, Babo, with a good combination of skills, can often sell at a reasonable price.


3. Babo breeding count

After purchasing the Babo, everyone will deliberately pay attention to the breeding count of Babo. Except for the genesis Babo, the remaining Babos need to spend specific resources to breed. The more breeding count, the more resources they need to consume. So the price of a Babo with a small breeding count will be higher than a large one.


4. Babo appearance

Everyone likes the good-looking Babo. The higher the purity of the Babo, the purer the color. Such a Babo will be more expensive than a regular Babo.

If you want to start the SGEM blockchain game, you might enter and observe the general Babo price first in the game. Try to buy low-priced Babos, and think about how to sell them at a reasonable price. Above is all the experience I want to share today,  wish you have a good time in SGME.




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