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How to play SGEM blockchain game?

Post Date:2022-02-11 18:38

Compared with traditional games, the tokens and characters, virtual lands and assets of  vblockchain game are NFT products that can be taken to the digital currency exchange market for circulation and trading. Players fight and upgrade in the game to get more tokens and more advanced equipment or pets, which can be put on the marketplace for sale in exchange for real income. The mode of play-to-earn attracts many players, and more and more blockchain games are launched. The most fascinating blockchain games among them are Axie Infinity and SGEM.


SGEM is a strategy tower defense blockchain card game that operated in Ethereum. This game supports offline mining and integrates a variety of interesting gameplay such as strategy cards, tower defense battles and gem building. Combines with the unique battle mode "hero + building + card". The open economic system of free trade are supported in the whole game.


After registering an account, you can enter the SGEM game world by purchasing three Babo. Each Babo has a unique gene, which gives them a different appearance and skill. When any two Babo are bred, the genes of the offspring will also be randomly matched, making each Babo a unique being. Matching cards can stimulate Babo's powerful energy in battle.


You can build your own exclusive base in SGEM, carefully deploy, and create defensive formations to defend your resources. At the same time, you can plunder other people's base resources to strengthen yourself. The opponents you meet in the game are real-time online players, so be prepared for the test of strength, strategy, and speed! There are a variety of tournaments you to fight and defeat your opponents with your strongest Babo team!


Once you reach a certain amount of Babo, you can choose to sell it to earn digital assets. You can earn rich ORE and AA token rewards for participating in the tournament. Since the official launch of SGEM on November 18, many players have joined and the price of Babo has gradually increased, with the price of the first generation Babo reaching 0.8 ETH. Therefore, the earlier you enter the market, the lower the cost you can get ORE or AA tokens.


If you've missed Axie Infinity or Decentraland, you can't miss SGEM this time.




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