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How to participate in the Versus Battle in SGEM?

Post Date:2022-02-08 19:22


Welcome to SGEM!
This time, I will introduce the most frequent event in SGEM – Versus Battle.
In Versus Battle, you can enjoy an exciting live competition. If you win the match, you can earn a lot of AA tokens!



1. Base level should reach 23
2. Each battle consume 1 energy


The order of determining victory

1. The player who gets 3 stars first wins
2. If battle time is up, the player who gets more stars wins
3. If have same stars, the player who gets higher destruction rate wins
4. If have same rates, the player who remain more Babo health points wins


The reward

The winner gets wAA award, and the opponent gets the encouragement award



Versus Battle Tutorial

1. Click [Competition], and select [Versus Battle]


2. Prepare Babo and cards, click [Matching] to start the competition

3. During the battle, you can check your opponent progress


4. After the battle, you can check this match or other players’ record

Tips: If you lose the Versus Battle, you will also get an encouragement award that contains random cards or wood resources.
The extra cards can be used to upgrade the card level, and the wood can be used to upgrade buildings, improving your combat power.






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