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How to purchase ORE and AA tokens on Exchanges?

Post Date:2022-02-08 19:47


Welcome to SGEM!
Have you met the problem of unable to breed Babo due to lack of ORE Tokens and AA Tokens?
Its’s okay, follow this tutorial, I will teach you how to get ORE Tokens and AA Tokens.
At present, ORE and AA tokens have been listed on the Uniswap, you can purchase them with ETH by entering their contract address.
ORE contract address:
AA contract address:

Transaction Process

1. Click “Select a token” in Uniswap

2. Enter ORE or AA tokens contract address


3. Import ORE (or AA)


4. Use ETH to exchange ORE (or AA)


The upper part of this interface will display how you pay for the tokens and the payment fee, and below is the number of tokens you can redeem. You can change the redemption method by clicking the arrow button in the middle.
Tips: In addition to buying AA tokens on exchanges, you can also get them in the game in these ways!




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