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Tutorials - How to quickly start the SGEM journey

Post Date:2022-02-11 18:41

Those who like playing blockchain can always catch up on the first news and start the new game as fast as possible. SGEM is a blockchain card game that launched in November 2021. It has attracted many players, and the price of first-generation Babo has reached 0.8ETH.


In blockchain games, the first enter players can always get earnings. While, if the latecomers want to get profits quickly, they need to understand the game's rules and check more game strategies. Want to speed up the pace of playing and earning in SGEM? Come and see how to start the SGEM journey quickly ~

1. Register SGEM game account
Search "" from the browser and click the "sign up" button. Enter your email, and set up your password. After registering, you can launch the game.


2. Start the game
First, you need to connect your game wallet and deposit ETH to SGEM. After entering the game page, click [wETH] to transfer, then you need to go to [Marketplace] to buy your favorite three Babos to start the game.

3. Gameplay introduction
①Breed and sell Babo
Breed: Click【Babo】 , enter and see your Babo number. Select one Babo you want to breed. Click 【breed】 and pick another one to breed with. If the breeding is successful, you will get a Babo egg. Hatch 5 days to get a Babo baby.


Sell: Click 【Babo】pick the Babo you want to sell. Click【sell】and enter the selling price. Click 【sell】again and list the Babo in the marketplace. You can check the selling condition in 【My items】.

② Tournament
You can earn AA by participating in the tournament in SGEM. There are three tournaments: Raid Mode, Single Mode, and Versus Battle.


Procedure: Choose a Babo you like, and then choose a deck. Enter the battle, flip the white cloud and look for the enemy base. After finding the enemy base camp or building, you can destroy the building with normal attacks, spells, or Babo skills. Win the battle by destroying the enemy base or destroying more than 50% of enemy buildings.

③ Daily quests
Click 【quests】and complete listed tasks. Acquire daily active value and get the AA reward. When your active value reaches 100, you can earn 30AA.

Above is the content about how to quickly start the
SGEM journey. For more detailed game strategies, please look forward to them. I hope you can get started quickly and join the ranks of making money as soon as possible.




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