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What is the most profitable "play to earn" crypto game?

Post Date:2022-02-14 15:55

With the popularity of Axie, crypto game with play to earn mode are gradually becoming well known. To be honest, playing games while making money was a dream of mine when I was young, and now it has surprisingly become a reality. Blockchain-based Play to earn crypto games aim to give players ownership and a source of income by leveling the playing field for all players and providing valuable space. Finally, players become the owners of the game that can set rules for the games. Here are some Play to earn crypto games that are popular in the gaming industry.
1. VulcanVerse
VulcanVerse is an open-world MMORPG game written by fighting fantasy writers. In VulcanVerse, players can own assets in the form of Non-fungible tokens (NFT). Also, they can create quests or adventures, find NFTs, and fight in here. The original tokens is PYR which can be used as settlement, mortgage, game tokens, and increase land. The more developed the land, the more building features are unlocked, from castles to underground caves.
2. Guild of Guardians
Guild of Guardians is a RPG game. The game style is quite similar to Mobile Legends and Dota that guild is the heart of the game. Guild Crafting is the main Play to earn mechanism, where players can craft various items by contributing resources to the guild "vault". When the crafted NFT items are sold on the market, everyone who contributes will be paid. Axie allows players to play against each other, while Guild of Guardians supports players fighting side-by-side.
3. SGEM         
SGEM is a brand new Play to earn 2.0 mode crypto game that differ from the traditional game. It was launched in November 2021. The main gameplay is "Heroes + Cards + Architecture", in which you can raise your own Babo, collect various cards, build your own defense base, and plunder other people's resources. Each battle will be rewarded with AA tokens, which can be exchanged for real assets.

Since the birth of Free to play, the game industry has been silent for a long time, the emergence of Play to Earn has given us a new route to develop game.




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