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What will be the next gamefi crypto in 2022?

Post Date:2022-02-10 22:10

2021 is the first year of gamefi crypto development. With the active layout of public chains and exchanges and the maturity of GameFi DAO autonomy concept, more phenomenal gamefi crypto-like Axie Infinity will emerge. For this board, the current population just be the beginning.

Games have been using blockchain technology for many years. However, it will not be until 2021 that the infrastructure of the blockchain will be completed, and the Crypto market will begin to mature, which can support the operation and development of complex virtual worlds such as games. The current game is no longer copied to the blockchain by imitating traditional games, but a new game mode “Play-to-Earn” has been born in the blockchain.

Play-to-Earn is not simply to change the economic model (such as changing the game currency to the token), but in the production process of the game, it is necessary to consider factors such as NFT, token, and DAO, and transfer digital identity, assets, and ownership to the player. And game companies have substantial revenue.

Therefore, the blockchain game-related investments that exploded in 2021 focus on improving the accessibility of games, that is, how to make it easier for new players to participate in Play-to-Earn and gamefi crypto. So what will the gamefi crypto market look like in 2022, and what opportunities are there, it is a question that must be faced and considered. What are the projects worth paying attention to in the huge gamefi crypto market?

The answer is yes, SGEM is a gamefi crypto that has been launched in November 2021. It has 4 years of development time. In the last month of 2021, SGEM ranks second in ETH daily transactions, closely following Axie After Infinity. SGEM is considered by many players to be the next gamefi crypto to replace Axie Infinity.

SGEM has its original “Hero + Card + Architecture” gameplay mode. Players can build their own exclusive base, develop a strong Babo team, collect card stacking skills, participate in various battles such as ladder tournaments, limited competition, and versus battle, and earn rich ORE and AA tokens!

The sooner you join the gamefi crypto, the bigger the opportunity. For SGEM, the sooner you enter, the more AA and ORE tokens you can earn at a low cost. It is a gamefi crypto project worth our attention in 2022.




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