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What is the top “Play to Earn” GameFi Crypto?

Post Date:2022-02-16 10:44

The emergence of Gamefi Crypto cannot be separated from “play to earn.” “Play to Earn” is becoming a new business model and is leading to a new trend. This trend likes a storm that is driving the DeFi game industry. The source of the storm is that players pay a lot of time on the game but get unequal revenue. We all want to get more returns, such as to earn more money.


According to the current cryptocurrency market. Some organizations estimate that by 2055, the value of the global game market is likely to reach $268 billion. Of course, the cryptocurrency game industry can develop and grow so quickly is related to the support of various countries and regions.
For example, in 2021, because of the COVID-19, many countries’ economies were affected, and people lost their jobs. But it promotes the GameFi Crypto. Local governments are happy to bring economic income to the unemployed people. Therefore, in the Philippines, many unemployed local people make money in GameFi Cryptos as their full-time job.

Next, we will explore the concepts of “play to earn” mode in the GameFi Crypto industry and the recent popular GameFi Crypto.

What is Play to Earn?

In short, play to earn means “play to make money.” If you look deeper into the word “Play to Earn,” you will find that “play” and “earn” are two essential things that people cannot live without. The GameFi Crypto has cleverly combined these two things to create the “play to earn” mode. Another critical part of this model is that players can own the assets of GameFi Crypto and allow free trading between players to increase the value of the assets.


GameFi Crypto has only become popular in recent times. To be more precise, the new wave of popularity was driven by the emergence of a successful game that further showed the viability of GameFi Crypto. And that game is Axie Infinity. We will talk about it in detail later.


Some people may wonder if there will be any free games after the “play to earn” game mode is added to the GameFi Crypto nowadays. The answer to this question is always fair and objective, that is, “some are free, and some are paid.” After all, game companies still need to make profits.
Now the cost of developing a game is very high. The game company has to make a profit to put more resources to optimize the game, which is also a good thing for players.
Now is 2022. Which GameFi Crypto is worth investing in? Let’s see the most popular and the most worthy GameFi Crypto to invest in!

What is the top “Play to Earn” GameFi Crypto?

Axie Infinity
As a successful GameFi Crypto in 2021, Axie Infinity is inspired by the traditional game “Pokémon.” Players can cultivate and breed Axis in the game, then sell them to earn income. Players can also take their Axis to battle to earn exclusive game tokens.


Berserk is an early developed GameFi Crypto card game. It has been updated and expanded in several versions. It now has accumulated over 4,000 cards with beautiful illustrations from artists worldwide, and the game is also the preferred choice of many GameFi Cryptofans in Russia.


SGEM is a GameFi Crypto that launched at the end of 2021. According to the description, the game has been developed for four years. Within a month of its launch, SGEM had the second-highest number of daily ETH transactions, catching up with Axie Infinity.


SGEM is a novel GameFi Crypto that combines “Hero + Card + Architecture”. It is a tower defense game running on Ether, in which players need to carefully choose Babo hero to fight and then match them with appropriate battle decks to attack the enemy base.


In addition to the fun content of the game, SGEM has a variety of ways to make money. Such as buying and selling Babu directly and obtaining AA tokens by participating in the battle. Therefore, SGEM is a GameFi Crypto that allows players to earn money while playing.

GameFi Crypto will become a new trend in the future

Many people think that GameFi Crypto will become a new game mode in the future, and everyone is optimistic about the latest resources and unique benefits that games can bring. The “play and earn” model of cryptocurrency games will become a significant trend in the future. The COVID-19 has not ended yet. Many traditional social interactions are forced to transfer to the Internet. We have reasons to believe that GameFi Crypto has excellent potential in the future.




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