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What blockchain card games would you play?

Post Date:2022-02-11 18:40

As the most popular game type, blockchain card games are sought after by countless crypto enthusiasts and investors because of their playability and fun. I believe everyone is familiar with Axie Infinity, a very popular blockchain card game. However, due to the price of SLP decrease, the loss of players has caused many people to switch to other games. Next, I will recommend several popular blockchain card games:

1. Zombie Battleground
In the Zombie Battleground, you can collect cards, edit your decks for battle, get card packs through battles and missions, and trade your cards with other players for real money. Besides, you can sell your cards on P2P platforms and earn money from them. In short, the more players invest in the game, the more they earn

2. Sorare 
Sorare is an NFT collectible game of football player cards based on blockchain technology. If you love football stars, then Sorare is the way to go. Sorare players can earn rewards and new cards based on how players perform on the cards in the real world. Therefore, the better the star on the player's card, the more money they make.

SGEM is a new Play to Earn 2.0 mode blockchain card game that integrates "Cards + Heroes + Architecture." Players buy Babo and collect cards to match the Babo team and attack other players' bases. There are also dozens of ways to get tangible assets, such as farming gold and various events. After each victory, you can get the AA token reward. These AA tokens can be exchanged for digital assets on the uniswap exchange.


Blockchain could be the next gaming craze with the openness and freedom of gaming markets, the flow of cryptocurrencies, and the eventual decentralization of the gaming world. It is foreseeable that the
blockchain card games will develop rapidly in the next few years.




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