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Which blockchain card game is better

Post Date:2022-02-11 18:40

According to EsportsBets, the most popular blockchain game type on the market today is the card game. In blockchain card games, the playability and fun of traditional card games are retained, while the property rights of the cards are given to the players in the form of non-fungible tokens, and trading is supported.


People are enthusiastic about blockchain card games and want to know more excellent games. So I hope you will like the following games:

1. Kingdom Karnage
Kingdom Karnage is a blockchain-based turn-based strategy trading card game that requires units to be placed on the battlefield with the goal of defeating the opposing leader. NFT is saved on the Enjin blockchain.


Each player can build a deck with 30 cards of different rarities (common, rare, rare, epic, legendary). The goal of each battle is to defeat the enemy heroes before they manage to exhaust your hero.
2. Skyweaver
Skyweaver is a blockchain trading card game that similar to Hearthstone. NFT is stored on the Ethereum or Matic blockchain.


SkyWeaver is set in the "sky", a virtual reality in a parallel dimension to Earth. The "sky" is the habitat of all creatures, where players can get the resources and mana they need. Each player is a SkyWeaver, a pioneer in exploring this virtual dimension. As a SkyWeaver, your task is to use mana, refine skills, summon creatures, apply spells and fight against other players to unlock more resources and become the strongest SkyWeaver in this dimension.
Have you ever seen a game that combines “Heroes + Cards + Architecture” together? SGEM is one such
blockchain card game that combines all three elements nicely. Players buy Babos and collect cards to match up a team of Babos with the strongest card attributes, and then launch attacks on other players' bases. The battle modes include Raid mode and Single mode. Each victory is rewarded with the appropriate AA tokens. These AA tokens can be exchanged for digital assets on the uniswap.





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