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Which crypto games can play to earn?

Post Date:2022-02-11 17:55

Now, the blockchain games market keeps rising in popularity. According to Coingecko, the DAU of AXS is 50-80k, and the revenue earned from each player per day is $15-35. Player’s income is based on the time and money they invest in the game. Therefore, the earlier you invest in play to earn crypto games, the more you earn. But there are still many people who keep entering the matured game market.


The characteristic of play to earn crypto game is non-fungible token (NFT). After acquiring the NFT, the player can exchange or sell it to gain the real benefit. Although Axie Infinity is the hottest play to earn crypto game, the threshold is relatively high because the token price has risen to a very high position. So it is not recommended for novices to get started.


In addition to Axie Infinity, there are many other potential play to earn crypto games. I've compiled a few of them here. You can learn more about them and get involved earlier.
1. Evolution Land
Evolution Land is the first Defi+NFT cross-blockchain game. There are 26 lands in the game, each built on a different blockchain network. 4 continents have been built, deployed on Ether (Atlantis continent), Wavefield (Byzantium), Columbus (Crabweb), Aurora (Heco), and Eden (Polygon).


Evolution Land has multiple ways to play, such as management, NFT collection, genetics, battles, auctions, and reproduction. Evolution Land is designed to be a self-evolving, scalable and open system where developers can easily build their own Dapp on Evolution Land.
2. Crazy Defense Heroes
Crazy Defense Heroes is a tower defense game based on collecting various cards with rare and different powers. Players can earn TOWER (game tokens) by playing the game. TOWER can be used to purchase NFTs for the Crazy Defense Heroes series, access some of the game modes in the upcoming blockchain game, and submit game proposals and vote on them.

SGEM is a brand new Play to Earn 2.0 strategy tower defense blockchain game that combines "tower defense + cards + heroes" in one. Launched in November this year, the initial generation of Babo has already reached 0.3 ETH. SGEM‘s unique gameplay attracts many players and investors, and it's known as the next Axie Infinity. SGEM will create a diversified game environment with dozens of ways to make money with low entrance fees.





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