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SGEM — July 22 update

Post Date:2021-07-22 20:47


Hi buddy,
The server will be updated and maintained on July 22 from 9:00–12:00(UTC). Please be ready to go offline in advance. (The specific opening time will be advanced or postponed according to the situation.

Update Content:
1. 1v1 real time confrontation mode — free match upgrade
(1) Adjust the player matching rule — — blind match
players in the same level range can choose opponents freely, but the challengers’ information of both sides will be hidden until the end of the game.

(2) Added daily first match rewards
① When the challenge is the first time today, the winner will get 2 battle packs and the loser will get 1 battle pack. Open battle packs can obtain wood, white cards, green cards, blue cards and other rewards randomly.
②Each player can get up to 5 battle packs per day
③Reset the number of match bonus games at 8am every day

2. Slightly increase the energy required to open Victory Chest

3. Slightly lower the number of cards produced by the primary victory chest

Free match instructions:
1. Free match will be opened two games every day, and you need to pay certain tickets to open the match
(1) 12:00–14:00 noon; ticket: 2 gold coins
(2) 17:00–18:00 pm; ticket: 100 stone

2. Entrance: Click the “Attack” button at the bottom right corner and select the “Free Match” mode to enter.

3. Game description: Players can freely choose their opponents in the same level range, and pay gold or stone as tickets to participate in 1v1 real time confrontation. During the game, both players’ personal information will be blind to each other, and the first one to win 3 stars within the specified time will be judged as the winner. At the end of the game, the information of both sides will be revealed. The winner will also win the opponent’s ticket as a reward along with the return of the ticket.

Thanks for your support and attention to SGEM! If you encounter any bugs during and after the update version, please feel free to contact us.

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