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SGEM-Shooter Best record event

Post Date:2022-01-20 00:32

“Shooter Best record” is officially kicked off !
Top 10 players can earn the card pack rewards!
It's High Noon!
Time to show your best shooter Babo!
Use the Shooter Babo!
In the ninth level of Single mode
Destroy the enemy base in the fastest time!
Event time:
January 20th(After maintenance) – January 26th 23:00 (UTC)
Event description:
The “Best Record” leader board only records Shooter Babo’s challenge result.
The higher the number of stars earned, the higher the ranking.
The higher the destruction rate for the same number of stars, the higher the ranking.
The faster you pass the challenge for the same destruction rate, the higher the ranking.
Participate requirement:
Use Shooter Babo to participate in “Single Player 1-9
Following is the detail of reward:

Rank Rewards
1 Random Blue Card x15, Random Green Card x50
2 Random Blue Card x12, Random Green Card x40
3 Random Blue Card x 9, Random Green Card x30
4~5 Random Blue Card x 6, Random Green Card x25
6~10 Random Blue Card x 4, Random Green Card x18
*The race of all the cards is shooter
Top 10 players can receive the reward
After the event, the rewards will be distributed via email within three working days.




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