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SGEM-Ladder Tournament Announcement

Post Date:2022-01-31 22:20

The Spring Festival is approaching, the new season is coming~
Top 20 players on the ladder can get the card pack rewards!
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Event time:
February 1st 00:00 – February 15th 23:59 (UTC)
Event description:
If the Ladder point is less than 400, it will remain unchanged
If the Ladder point is greater than or equal to 400, it will reset to 400
Following is the detail of reward:

Rank Rewards
1 Blue Card x21, Green Card x34, White Card x55
2 Blue Card x13, Green Card x21, White Card x34
3 Blue Card x08, Green Card x13, White Card x21
4 Blue Card x05, Green Card x08, White Card x13
5 Blue Card x03, Green Card x05, White Card x08
6 Blue Card x02, Green Card x03, White Card x05
Top 20 players can receive the reward
After the event, the rewards will be distributed via email within 3 working days.




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