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《SGEM》Proving Ground Introduction

Post Date:2022-06-09 10:03

    The proving ground is the place to fight for resources in SGEM CITY,In the proving ground fighting need to consume physical value / Babo vitality;The victor can plunder the opponent's wood, stone and steel resources,and get the wAA reward given by the system!

    The Proving Ground is divided into Novice Proving Ground and Elite Proving Groud, New players will enter the Novice Proving Ground,If you win 500 times or get more than 3000 WAAs in the newbie trial, you will enter the Elite Proving Groud.

   At the Elite Proving Ground。The formation has sufficient capacity and has a stationed Babo before being allowed to participate in the battle. In addition, the Elite Proving Ground has Babo stationed function, can be stationed in the formation Babo resistance to other players attack. The active skill is Weak/Divine Wrath/Emergency Food  Babo will trigger the effect of the stationing skill when stationed.

About the resource grabbing and wAA rewards in the Proving Ground:
→ To participate in the battle of the Proving Ground requires the consumption of AP and the vitality of the fighting Babo
→ In the Elite Proving Grounds, when the resident Babo successfully defends against an opponent's attack (the opponent has 0 stars), the resident Babo's Vitality will be consumed and wAA will be awarded.
→ The victor can plunder the opponent's wood, stone and steel resources,The higher the level of the fighting Babo, the more resources you can loot.
→ The first 10 victories per day will be rewarded with wAA,The higher the level of the Babo in battle, the higher the wAA reward cap
Elite Proving Ground 3 stars 2 stars 1 stars
Babo Level:1~4 2 1 1
Babo Level:5~8 2 1 1
Babo Level:9~12 2 1 1
Babo Level:13~16 3 2 1
Babo Level:17~20 3 2 1
Babo Level:21~24 3 2 1
Babo Level:25 4 3 2
Novice Proving Ground 3stars 2 stars 1 stars
Babo Level:1~4 4 3 2
Babo Level:5~8 4 3 2
Babo Level:9~12 5 3 2
Babo Level:13~16 5 3 2
Babo Level:17~20 6 4 3
Babo Level:21~24 6 4 3
Babo Level:25 7 5 3




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