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SGEM - 2022 League Championship Notice

Post Date:2022-10-19 21:21

SGEM- 2022 League Championship Notice
SGEM- 2022 League Championship Notice Will be held on October 21!
You have a chance to win a huge amount of tokens and special avatar frames!


Ranking Token Rewards Special Rewards
1 wORE*2000 Champion avatar frame
2 wORE*1000 Runner-up avatar frame
3 wORE*500 Third place avatar frame
4 wORE*250 /
5~8 wAA*1000 /
9~16 wAA*500 /
17~32 wAA*300 /

Date Time Races
October 21st PM 12:00 The 1st round of the group round robin
PM 12:20 The 2nd round of the group round robin
PM 12:40 The 3rd round of the group round robin
October 22nd PM 12:00 The Final 8 Knockout
PM 12:20 The Final 4 Knockout
Progression rules
1.Each group will select the 2 players with the best records based on the number of wins, average stars, and total points of the selection round in turn to advance to the elimination round.
2.Each round consists of 3 games,Use Warrior Babo, Mage Babo and Shooter to fight in turn。
3.3 sets of 2 wins per round, if a player wins the first 2 sets of battles, there is no need for a third set of battles。
4.Each game is divided into a preparation phase (2 min) and a battle phase (3min);In the preparation phase, you need to confirm the completion of Babo, cards, and formations,and click the "Ready" button;If the button is not clicked after the time limit, it will be considered a failure.
5.Failure to enter the tournament interface to participate in the tournament within the time specified in the tournament will result in a direct loss.

〓Combat Settings〓
1. During this tournament, the player's stationed Babo, deck, and base unit will be determined by the actual level the player has, and the level of the playing Babo will be leveled to their base camp level
2. The number of items in each side's silver store is set to 2, and you can grab props from the other side's store
3. The game is a real-time match mode, each game requires both players to participate;
4. The battle does not consume AP, Babo's vitality, and does not set a winning reward

〓Competition Live〓
〓Special Notes〓
1. Please test and debug your own network environment before the competition to avoid losing the competition due to network problems in the course of the competition
2. In order to maintain a fair game environment, please do not perform any cheating behavior during the competition, if found, SGEM team has the right to cancel the user's all accounts of the competition qualifications and rewards, serious cases will be blocked warning
3. The interpretation right of this tournament belongs to SGEM team




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