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SGEM —February 2nd update

Post Date:2023-02-01 16:57

SGEM —February 2nd update
Hi buddy,
Below are the details of the 2023/02/02 update.

〓New Function〓
1. " Limited Qualifier(Mage)" is officially kicked off,Click for more information:
 2. Limited Qualifier(Mage) Betting Event is officially kicked off:
→Event duration:(UTC)2023/02/02 05:00:00 -- 2022/02/13 12:00:00
→Prediction:You can choose 3 players to make a bet, if all 3 players end up in the top 3, you win the prize
→Betting Rules :  Costs 15wAA per 1 bet, No limit on combinations, Unlimited additional bets
→Total prize pool : You can view real-time earnings when betting
3. wORE Lucky Draw is officially open :
→Time : (UTC)2023/02/02 4:00~2023/02/04 16:00
→Rules : Those who have won lucky draw tickets in the SGEM World Cup will be entered into the draw and the prizes will be awarded on February 8th
Reward details
Happy Prize:3 players, 10 wORE each
Lucky Prize:1 players, 20 wORE each
Super Lucky Prize: 1 player, 30 wORE each
 Winning rate : 18.25%
〓Optimization Adjustment〓
1. Optimize the display of Babo information page
Thank you all for your support! Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service if you encounter any issues after the new update. We will do our very best to resolve the issue.
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